Josh & Shannon Visit FL With Plans Of Moving In Together


Love Island USA stars Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Clair travel to Florida with plans of moving in together in the state. Catch up on the latest.

Love Island USA season 3 fan-favorite couple Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Clair have traveled to Florida amid their ongoing plans to move in together in the state. Shannon and Josh started their relationship on day one of Love Island USA. Josh came into the villa as a 25-year-old college athlete from Haverhill, MA, while Shannon was introduced as a 25-year-old construction company controller from Bucks County, PA. On paper, Josh and Shannon were the perfect partners for each other.

Despite coupling up at the season 3 premiere based on just first impressions, their chemistry turned out to be much stronger than they initially imagined. At one point, Josh tried to joke around by kissing another girl in a challenge, but Shannon made herself clear that this was unacceptable for them as a couple. Since then, Josh and Shannon have been inseparable, and their relationship after Love Island USA has only grown stronger.


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For months, Shannon and Josh have been updating Love Island USA fans on their relationship and have talked about going to Florida for them to move in together as a couple. Alas, Josh and Shannon did make it clear that they were saving these plans for 2022. Now that the new year is upon us, it seems like Shannon and Josh are taking action on their plans. As seen in the Instagram posts below, Josh and Shannon have been spending their first few days of 2022 down in Florida. Of note, they have traveled to places like Siesta Key and Boca Raton. In his post, Josh wrote that his phone was on “do not disturb” mode. Meanwhile, Shannon wrote in her post: “I can get used to this.”

It is still unclear exactly when this Love Island USA couple will move in together, but there’s no denying that they are moving forward with their plans and are perhaps even looking for places where to live. Shannon’s post indicates that she might want to live in Boca Raton, but their actual new home has yet to be revealed. Who knows, maybe Josh and Shannon will reveal the place they’ve picked by the end of this trip. Otherwise, they might take a little longer to come to a decision. As long as this couple is happy and doing well, Love Island fans will be happy to keep up with them.

Shannon and Josh might not have reached the Love Island finale due to the tragic loss of Josh’s sister, but they have still emerged as one of the strongest couples to ever come out of the show. At this point, Josh and Shannon are one of only two couples who are still together post-Love Island USA. Hopefully, they will be able to move in together in Florida sooner rather than later.

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Sources: Josh Goldstein/Instagram, Shannon St Clair/Instagram

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