Lala Kent Reveals She Signed Prenup With Randall Emmett


Before Lala Kent ended her three-year engagement with Randall Emmett, the pair agreed to a prenuptial arrangement. She said she always had a plan B. 

Lala Kent is sharing the terms her former engagement with fellow star Randall Emmett was based on. She opened up in season 9, Episode 13, titled “Unprogressive Party” of Vanderpump Rules. Kent stated that she signed a prenup with Randall.

The TV star’s revelation came after a draining period in her relationship when Randall was shrouded in cheating rumors. A week ago, Kent shared that she had proof of Randall’s infidelity, thereby confirming that he cheated on her. Kent, who shares 9-month-old Ocean with Randall, did not open up on the details of her evidence. However, she added that there were signs that something was amiss in their relationship even before she found out about his affair. She noted that there was little communication between them prior to moving out of their home with Ocean. Kent also claimed that the engagement ring Randall gave her was fake.


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According to People, Kent was discussing with fellow star Scheana Shay about her upcoming wedding with Brock Davies when details of her relationship with Randall came up. Shay made it known that she and Davies were looking to sign a prenup. Shay explained that they got it done but needed to notarize it. The reality star stated that she never envisioned getting a prenup until after her first marriage ended. At this point, Shay asked if Kent and Randall had a prenuptial arrangement, to which Kent replied in the affirmative. 

Lala Kent

She relayed that she was “all about plan B” and that getting a prenup was “definitely a smart move.” The 31-year-old also recalled how Shay reacted back when she said she would get the prenup. Shay stated that at the time, she felt that signing a prenup “just takes the fun out of it [marriage].” On the other hand, Kent stood on her point that prenups were the safest options in marriages. She backed up her point by stating that things could get sticky in relationships, and people would show their “true colors.”

Kent and Randall’s love life aired on Vanderpump Rules, and fans got to see the ups and downs that the pair weathered together. However, it is safe to say that Kent decided to pull the plug on the relationship, and now she believes she is better off. Earlier speculation that she might not in the show for its ninth season have been put to rest, and now Kent’s admirers can get to see her move on.

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