Lala Kent Spends Father’s Day With Ocean


Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent shares a poolside photo of her and Ocean celebrating Father’s Day without Randall. They spend the day with friends.

Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules celebrated this past Father’s Day with her daughter Ocean Emmett. Lala’s ex-fiancé and Ocean’s father, Randall Emmett, appeared to be out of the picture that day. Lala joined the Vanderpump Rules cast in season 4 and received a lot of heat during season 5 from the other female cast members for allegedly dating a married man. Although Lala didn’t disclose Randall’s name, it was soon discovered that he was the man in question.

Randall was married to Ambyr Childers at the time, but the two were separated. After they divorced in 2017, Lala opened up about her and Randall’s relationship but was still the subject of scrutiny by her Vanderpump Rules cast members. Eventually, they came around when Lala and Randall got engaged in 2018. Their wedding plans were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2021, they welcomed their baby girl, Ocean. Unfortunately, Randall was photographed with two women, and amid the cheating rumors, Lala and the producer broke up.


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In a recent Instagram post, Lala shared a photo of her embracing Ocean by a pool with the caption, “We had a happy day & my ‘DAD’ tattoo is making a perfect appearance.” Following the breakup with Randall, Lala has opened up about her struggles as a single mom and going into holidays moving forward alone. Many Vanderpump Rules fans lent their support to Lala and cheered her on. One wrote, “Cheers to the moms that do both. Happy Father’s Day La!” Another acknowledged the loss of Lala’s father in 2018 and replied, “I know how difficult it is I had my 2nd Father’s Day without my dad.”

Although Randall was absent on Sunday, Lala spent the day with her friends and Vanderpump Rules co-stars. Brittany Cartwright also shared pictures of her with her son Cruz Taylor, along with Scheana Shay and her daughter Summer Davies in the pool with Lala and Ocean. The three Vanderpump Rules stars all got pregnant within months of each other and have shared that they lean on each other for support. Former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder’s daughter Hartford Clark, whom she shares with her husband Beau Clark, is also close in age to the other babies.

Lala has been accused of being a “gold digger” and using Randall for his wealth and status. However, she is proving to be a strong, resourceful single parent by building her brand. Along with her podcast titled Give Them Lala, the entrepreneur also has a makeup line called Give Them Lala Beauty. Lala and Randall’s divorce proceedings are still in the works, and the Vanderpump Rules star has shared that she has Ocean the majority of the time.

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Source: Lala Kent/Instagram, Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

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