Lost Ollie Show Trailer Looks Like A Live Action Toy Story On Netflix


Netflix has released a new trailer for its Toy Story-esque miniseries Lost Ollie, following a toy bunny’s quest to reunite with his beloved owner.

Netflix has released a new trailer for Lost Ollie. An adaptation of William Joyce’s 2016 children’s book, Ollie’s Odyssey, the new series will follow the story of a stuffed toy rabbit who embarks on a quest to reunite with his beloved best friend, Billy. Helmed by Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse), the series was penned by Emmy Award winner Shannon Tindle.

Production on Lost Ollie commenced in Vancouver in February 2021, concluding one month later. Starring Kesler Talbot as Billy and Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter) as the titular voice of Ollie, Tim Blake Nelson and Mary J. Blige also give voice to fellow toy companions, Zozo and Rosy. Produced in conjunction with 21 Laps Entertainment and Industrial Lights & Magic, the show was also executive produced by leading Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy and Tindle, Ramsey, Josh Barry, Emily Morris, and Brandon Oldenbrook.


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The new Netflix trailer for Lost Ollie provides a first look at the Toy Story-esque escapades of the titular stuffed rabbit. Establishing his devoted friendship with Billy, the boy hands him a pair of magnetized stars with the wholesome promise, “As long as these stars are near each other, we shall never be apart.” Lost after being stolen by a school bully, Ollie’s adventure begins after he awakens in a thrift shop. Befriending fellow toy Zozo and the hardened pink bear Rosy, Ollie faces off against dogs, trains, and the elements in his desperate quest to find Billy. Check out the trailer below:

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Acknowledging the similarities between Lost Ollie and Toy Story, Tindle (who boasts previous credits on major animations such as The Croods and Kubo and the Two Strings) promises the new series would surprise audiences. Noting that the series would still provide a fun adventure, Tindle also suggested that the story would deviate somewhat from the source material to communicate Joyce’s experience of loss. Both Tindle and Joyce previously collaborated with Ramsey on the 2012 animated feature Rise of the Guardians, whose story was inspired by Joyce’s late daughter.

Though Netflix’s new four-part series may confront some hard-hitting themes, the trailer certainly promises wholesome entertainment. While it may not directly relate to Pixar’s beloved Toy Story franchise, its plot and characters certainly seem liable to hit the right note with fans, particularly as questions remain over the potential for future installments. Despite similarities, Lost Ollie promises to deliver a fresh and, most importantly, live-action look at a popular premise on August 24.

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