Marvel’s OTHER Moon Knight Is Stealing Marc’s Life (And Best Costume)


Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight persona is a fan favorite, and now it’s being adopted by Hunter’s Moon – a killer priest still loyal to the moon god Khonshu.

Warning: contains preview images for Moon Knight #8!

Hunter’s Moon, the recently revealed second fist of Khonshu, is stealing both Moon Knight‘s role and his best costume. Current Moon Knight writer Jed MacKay shared some of Alessandro Cappuccio’s art from the upcoming issue eight, showing Hunter’s Moon wearing a black version of Moon Knight’s popular Mr. Knight costume. The issue is on sale in print and digital February 9.

Mr. Knight is one of Moon Knight’s most peculiar aliases and costumes. Eschewing Moon Knight’s traditional cape and hood for a white suit, tie and mask, Mister Knight has become a fan favorite look thanks to its quirky nature. The Mister Knight costume has played a prominent role in Moon Knight’s new solo title, launched last year. This new series has seen Moon Knight abandon his patron deity Khonshu, opening the Midnight Mission to fulfill his true purpose: to protect travelers by night. But not everyone is happy with Moon Knight’s new methods – namely Hunter’s Moon, another Fist of Khonshu. Hunter’s Moon feels Moon Knight has strayed from the path of Khonshu by fraternizing with vampires (sworn enemies of the Fists of Khonshu) and he needs to be brought back to the fold, one way or the other.


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Moon Knight #6 saw Moon Knight and Hunter’s Moon become reluctant allies, and it seems that in the wake of Marvel’s ongoing Devil’s Reign event, Hunter’s Moon will take over the Midnight Mission in Marc Spector’s absence. Writer Jed MacKay revealed Cappuccio’s art in a recent Twitter thread showcasing the next two issues, showing Hunter’s Moon sitting at a desk wearing a suit similar to Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight costume. Instead of the bright white colors, this one is all black, with Hunter’s Moon’s full-moon icon replacing Marc’s iconic crescent-moon symbol. While readers cannot make out Hunter Moon’s expression due to the mask, his body language screams menace and power. In the comments, MacKay clarified this persona will be called Dr. Moon, given Hunter’s Moon is an actual medical practitioner.

While MacKay did not reveal details on issue eight’s story, the summary from Marvel states that Dr. Moon will be taking up Marc’s mission while he’s indisposed due to Devil’s Reign, investigating a new mystery involving classic villain Stained-Glass Scarlet. While Hunter’s Moon is still a loyal follower of Khonshu, he’s beginning to reconsider his stance on Moon Knight due to the loyalty Marc’s vampire ally showed to him during Zodiac’s attack. Having admitted that the two are brothers, if not friends, it seems Dr. Moon will be his way of adopting Marc’s methods to better understand his perspective and maintain his protection of all those who travel by night.

Despite their newfound connection, Moon Knight and Hunter’s Moon are very different people, separated by their opposing attitudes to the god who has defined their lives. Hopefully, Hunter’s Moon‘s time as Dr. Moon will bring him closer to Moon Knight and he’ll prove up to the task of maintaining the Midnight Mission, since if he fails to safeguard those who exist under Marc Spector’s protection, he could find himself in Moon Knight‘s crosshairs rather than standing by his side.

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