Michelle Young Shares Instagram Story With Ex Joe Coleman


The former Bachelorette Michelle Young posted an Instagram Story selfie with her fiancé Nayte Olukoya and her ex, Joe Coleman at an NYE party.

The Bachelorette alum Michelle Young shared an Instagram Story selfie with her fiancé Nayte Olukoya and her ex, Joe Coleman. Joe made it to the top three on Michelle’s season before being sent home, and Michelle ultimately chose Nayte. The former Bachelorette spoke about what made Joe so special while her season was still airing. The two had similar upbringings and both had a passion for basketball, so they understood each other easily. Although they never met before her season, Michelle had a quick connection with Joe based on their shared backgrounds. Joe didn’t end up taking home the final rose, but he and Michelle seem to be on good terms now.


Even though it seemed like Joe could have ended up proposing to Michelle in the end, some fans are glad she didn’t choose him. A big thing that Michelle was looking for in a partner was for them to be her best friend, as well. While some fans were rooting for Michelle and Joe, others saw that Michelle being quite extroverted and Joe being more introverted as a potential problem. This could have been a roadblock for Michelle in her search for a husband, and ultimately led to Joe being sent home. Nayte, who Michelle is now engaged to, is more extroverted in comparison.

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Michelle shared a New Year’s Eve selfie featuring Nayte and Joe on her Instagram Story. According to Us Weekly, the photo, which pictured all three of them smiling and Joe throwing up a peace sign, was posted on January 1. Nayte also shared some of the NYE festivities on his Story, including him and Joe dancing together at the party in Michelle and Joe’s Minnesota hometown. Joe also shared the video on his Instagram Story. “The boy [champagne emoji],” Joe wrote.

As for Michelle and Nayte, they’re ready for the next step in their relationship — getting married. Michelle recently revealed that the couple doesn’t want a long engagement and that she and Nayte are ready to tie the knot. They know they’re with the right person and don’t need to wait to make it official. While Nayte’s mom is pulling for the couple to wed in Scotland, Nayte and Michelle are thinking of having a warm, summer wedding. Nayte’s also ready to move to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota.

Even though some fans were upset that Joe didn’t end up engaged to Michelle in the finale, Nayte seems to be the right person for Michelle. All three of the former Bachelorette cast members seem to be friends, so there’s no bad blood between them. Joe, along with some of the other guys from Michelle’s season, may even pop up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. So, the former basketball player may have another shot at finding his perfect match.

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