Monster Hunt Rise: Sunbreak – Everything New In The Expansion


Capcom has revealed some of the new content that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including returning monsters and NPC party members.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Monster Hunter games generally receive a massive post-launch update that adds the best items and most difficult challenges, and Sunbreak will be no exception, as it’s bringing Master Rank content to the game. Sunbreak will pit players against a vampiric elder dragon, as it drains the life of humans and monsters alike, so it promises to be an extremely challenging game.

Monster Hunter Rise involved the player protecting Kamura Village from the “Rampage”, which was causing monsters to destroy everything in their path. Sunbreak cannot be started until the player has completed Monster Hunter Rise‘s “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” quest. The events of Sunbreak start when a brand new monster called Lunagaron appears in the Shrine Ruins. A knight named Fiorayne appears and she battles Lunagaron. Fiorayne explains that she is from the port kingdom of Elgado, which has come under threat from monsters. The player must travel to Elgado and face the monsters that are attacking the region.


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Those who complained about Monster Hunter Rise being too easy will soon have to put their words to the test, as Sunbreak is adding the G-Rank equivalent, and players will need all of the help they can get. Sunbreak launches at the end of June and it will be available on all platforms at launch, as Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter Rise‘s Sunbreak expansion is coming to PC and Switch at the same time. The launch of Sunbreak is almost here and Capcom has released a glut of new information about the expansion. The Sunbreak expansion will send the hunter on a brand new journey across the world and will arm them with new abilities to use against the monsters.

The New & Returning Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios

Elgado is threatened by some incredibly powerful new monsters, known as the Three Lords. The first of these is Malzeno, an elder dragon who has a vampiric theme. Malzeno is shown devouring the life force of a Rathalos in the trailer, and it can inflict the Bloodblight status effect on hunters, which drains their health and reduces the healing they receive from items. Bloodblight also lets the player drain health from monsters when striking them, similar to Bloodborne‘s offense-based combat system. If Malzeno drains enough blood, then it evolves into a powerful new form. The other members of the Three Lords include Garangolm: a simian-like creature that has a symbiotic relationship with plants, and Lunagaron, a wolf-like being with control over ice.

Sunbreak will also bring back monsters from earlier entries in the series, as well as adding new forms for existing monsters. Seregios from Monster Hunter 4 is making its return, with its sonic-based attacks and the ability to inflict the bleeding condition on hunters. Sunbreak is also introducing the Aurora Somnacanth, which surrounds itself in a frozen mist that can harm hunters, as well as Magma Almudron, which burrows underground to heat up its body and toss magma balls at hunters.

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak – Master Rank & Changes To Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Monsters

Sunbreak is adding the Master Rank quests to Monster Hunter Rise, in the same way that Iceborne did for Monster Hunter World. The Master Rank is unlocked after the player completes the events of Monster Hunter Rise and it will include battles against familiar and new monsters. The returning creatures from Monster Hunter Rise have been given new attacks in Master Rank, many of which are used as part of combo chains, making them far deadlier on the battlefield.

Everything New In Sunbreak – Silkbind Skill Swapping & Combat Options

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Skill Swap

The biggest new addition in Monster Hunter Rise was Silkbind attacks. The hunters had access to an insect in a gauntlet, which allowed them to leap through the air like Spider-Man. These could also be used for Silkbind attacks, which were powerful new moves linked to a cooldown meter, many of which greatly increased the player’s maneuverability on the battlefield. Sunbreak will not only add new Silkbind attacks to Monster Hunter Rise, but it’s now possible to switch between skill sets in the middle of battle, using the Switch Skill function to prep and switch between two load-outs. This means players can quickly combo Silkbind attacks and gain synergized effects. Hunters will also have access to the Swap Evade ability, giving them a dodging move that protects them while swapping skills.

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The basic hunter actions have also been expanded in Sunbreak. Players can now run up walls without needing to use the Wiredash ability, though it’s still tied to their stamina. There will also be an option to allow players to keep on attacking monsters that are in a rideable state, rather than riding them. These different combat options can be altered in the settings menu.

Followers Act Like NPC Party Members In Sunbreak’s Single Player

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Followers

The Monster Hunter series is meant to be played with other people, but it also has single-player quests that are more difficult, as a player must tackle the monsters on their own, save for their palico and palamute companions. Monster Hunter Rise did add computer-controlled party members, but only in a limited capacity during the Rampage quests. It seems that Sunbreak will be using an FFXIV-style Trust system, as it will be possible to take on quests with NPCs in the single-player mode.

Sunbreak has the Followers system, which will allow the player to take NPC heroes on hunts with them. These include the new characters from Elgado, as well as some of the returning characters from Kamura Village, such as Hinoa and Minato. The Followers act in a similar manner to the animal companions, as they can heal the player, place traps, and fight the monsters. The player can earn exclusive rewards by completing missions with the Followers. This system is a great idea and it will hopefully be integrated into future Monster Hunter games as it will make the single-player mode more interesting, especially during the early hours of the game, when the player is stuck with weak gear and lacks healing items.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 30, 2022.

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