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My Friend Peppa Pig, Game Adaptation of the Show, Announced for Xbox

For the first time Xbox owners will be able to join in the joyous & colorful lives of Peppa Pig and co. when My Friend Peppa Pig releases this fall.

The upcoming video game My Friend Peppa Pig has been announced for Xbox. Peppa Pig has become a staple in family homes since its conception in 2004. The bright and playful animations make it a beloved children’s show, which follows the adventures of Peppa and her family in their day to day lives. Video games for children are something of a rarity in the industry today, but earlier this year, the violent action franchise Assassin’s Creed released a set of children’s books, demonstrating that there are some developers interested in catering to a younger audience.

The life of Peppa Pig is a simple and pleasant one. In any one episode of Peppa Pig, families can join Peppa for a day at school with her younger brother George, take a trip to the recycling center with Mummy and Daddy Pig, or even explore historical sites with Miss Rabbit and Madame Gazelle. There is always lots to discover in any single episode of Peppa Pig. But the fun doesn’t stop with her family and local adults. Peppa also has a large selection of friends that often join her on her escapades around the show’s fictional English village.

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Now, Xbox owners can also become one of Peppa’s cherished peers themselves when My Friend Peppa Pig releases. Xbox shared the trailer for the upcoming video game on its YouTube channel, and it appears to be just as delightful as the show is. Players of My Friend Peppa Pig will be able to create their own anthropomorphic animal avatar, which includes a simplistic take on RPG-style character customization and a choice of hats. Then, they will arrive at Peppa’s house as the game begins. From there, players will be able to join Peppa on adventures and outings, such as bike rides, visits to the beach, and camping in the woods. Even the show’s famous Bing Bong song can be experienced within My Friend Peppa Pig’s gameplay. The full Xbox trailer can be watched below.

Watch the gameplay trailer for My Friend Peppa Pig here.

My Friend Peppa Pig will not be the first time that Peppa and company have made the jump from television to video games. Previous games in the Peppa Pig franchise have included 2009s Peppa Pig: The Game and 2010s Peppa Pig: Fun and Games. However, both of these titles were limited to Nintendo console owners, unlike My Friend Peppa Pig, which will have a multiplatform release. Unusually for 2021, it will only be releasing for the PS4, rather than the current generation PS5. In contrast, its Xbox release will see the game on both current and last gen consoles.

My Friend Peppa Pig could be a popular purchase for parents of young children. The game looks to promise a wholesome experience for families with its interactive take on the beloved TV show. And, this time, Xbox owners can also take part in the joyous lives of the Peppa Pig community.

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My Friend Peppa Pig will be available for PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 22, 2021.

Source: Xbox/YouTube

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