Pokémon: The 10 Most Powerful Water Moves, Ranked


In the Pokémon franchise, Water typing is one of the most plentiful. In addition to the wide variety of Pocket Monsters that make up this type, Water also lends itself to a large number of moves. As with any typing, Water attacks vary in quality, with some being almost useless and others being incredible.

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While many attacks are available for a multitude of Pokémon, others are signature moves, meaning that only specific Pocket Monsters can access them. In any case, the strongest Water-type attacks can be exceptional in a playthrough, and trainers should consider using them if they have the opportunity. (Note: Only Z-Moves or Max Moves with a set power will be considered.)

10 Splishy Splash

Pikachu uses Splishy Splash in Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

Though it is only available in Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Splishy Splash is a fantastic Water-type attack. The player’s partner Pikachu is the only Pokémon that can learn it, and with a base power of 90 and an accuracy of 100%, the attack is incredibly reliable.

In addition to its standard strength, the move also affects all adjacent opponents and has a 30% chance to give its targets the paralysis condition, making Splishy Splash an attack that provides excellent coverage for Pikachu and gives the Pokémon even more viability for a playthrough.

9 Fishious Rend

A player uses Dracovish in a fight in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Fishious Rend debuted in Generation VIII as a move for the Fossil Pokémon Dracovish and Arctovish. Though its base power of 85 and base accuracy of 100% may appear strong but not groundbreaking, the Pokémon that use it gain an additional benefit in certain circumstances. If the Pocket Monster using Fishious Rend acts before its opponent, the power of the attack doubles.

While Arctovish is relatively slow, making the move less viable for it, Dracovish has a decent Speed stat, allowing it to attack before a reasonable portion of its enemies and contributing to it being one of the strongest Fossil Pokémon.


8 Crabhammer

Crawdaunt uses Crabhammer in the Pokemon anime

Initially having a base power of 90 and a base accuracy of 85%, Crabhammer has always been a viable option, especially because it has a higher critical hit chance than most attacks. It became even more powerful as the franchise has continued, however, now having a base power of 100 and a base accuracy of 90%.

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Only a handful of Pokémon can learn Crabhammer, and with its reliable accuracy and excellent power, it gives these Pocket Monsters a stellar attack to use against opponents.

7 Water Spout

Pokemon Wailord

Water Spout is an absurdly strong move, but this is only in the proper conditions. Its base accuracy is 100%, and its base power is 150, but its strength changes depending on its HP. This feature is the same as Eruption and Regidrago’s Dragon Energy, which is one of the most powerful Dragon moves.

If the Pokémon using Water Spout acts while it is still at its maximum HP, the attack is incredible. However, with the exception of Kyogre, the Pocket Monsters that learn it through leveling up are relatively slow, meaning that they will often receive damage before being able to use Water Spout, making the attack less viable.

6 Hydro Pump

Croconaw uses Hydro Pump in the Pokemon anime

Hydro Pump is available via leveling up on a large number of Water-type Pokémon, and it is a staple of many of their move sets. Its base accuracy of 80% keeps it from being as reliable as many other Water attacks, but its incredible base power of 110 makes it worth the risk.

In Generation VI, the strength of the move was reduced from 120 to 110, but it is still among the best Water-type attacks in the franchise. A phenomenal option since Generation I, Hydro Pump will likely continue to excel as the series continues.

5 Origin Pulse

Pokemon Go Kyogre.webp

Kyogre is one of the strongest among the Hoenn Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, and its signature move, Origin Pulse, makes it even better. Its accuracy is only 85%, but this allows it to connect more often than not. As for strength, the attack’s base power is 110, allowing Kyogre to devastate enemies. The attack damages all adjacent opponents, making it even more viable if the battle format allows for it.

While not inherently a strength of the attack itself, Origin Pulse often gains a boost because of Kyogre’s Ability, Drizzle, activating rain, which buffs the power of Water-type moves.

4 Steam Eruption

Volcanion uses Steam Eruption in the Pokemon anime

The signature move of the Mythical Volcanion, Steam Eruption, has an exceptional base power of 110 and a base accuracy of 95%, allowing it the consistency to deal massive damage to opponents throughout the battle. In addition to its sheer strength, Steam Eruption has a 30% chance to burn the opponent it strikes.

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Another bonus is the fact that if the user has the frozen status condition when it uses the move, Steam Eruption will thaw it, giving Volcanion excellent utility in some matchups.

3 Hydro Cannon

Blastoise in the Pokémon animated series

Hydro Cannon shares its power, accuracy, and caveat with several other moves of different types. It has a base power of 150 and an accuracy of 90%, giving it the strength to do incredible damage reliably. The caveat is that the user must recharge on the following turn. However, the power of Hydro Cannon is often enough to knock enemies out in one strike.

The only Pokémon that can learn Hydro Cannon through a Move Tutor are the fully evolved Water-type starters, and it gives them an additional edge in battle.

2 G-Max Hydrosnipe

Gigantamax Inteleon uses G-Max Hydrosnipe in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Unlike a large portion of the Max Moves in Sword & Shield, G-Max Hydrosnipe always has a base power of 160, and it essentially always hits because of its ability to bypass the accuracy check. The attack is exclusive to Inteleon in its Gigantamax form and is one of the reasons why it is one of the most underrated Pokémon from the Galar region.

In addition, G-Max Hydrosnipe can be either Physical or Special depending on the move associated with it, and though it is usually most viable as a Special move because of Inteleon’s high Special Attack stat, this malleability gives the Pokémon more options if it needs them.

1 Oceanic Operetta

Primarina uses Oceanic Operetta in a Pokemon game

Though it can usually only be used once per battle, Oceanic Operetta can unleash destruction on an enemy. It is the exclusive Z-Move of Primarina and has a tremendous base power of 195. The attack also bypasses the accuracy check, essentially guaranteeing a hit on an opponent.

The upgraded version of Sparkling Aura, which itself is already a viable Water-type attack, Oceanic Operetta is exceptional, especially because its user, Primarina, has a fantastic Special Attack stat as well.

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