Porsha Accused of Adulterous Romance With Simon


Porsha Williams is being called out by her cousin who accused her of hooking up with Simon Guobadia while he was still married to Falynn.

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia are being labeled as cheaters following all the melee that took place on the latest episode of Porsha’s Family Matters. It was Porsha’s own cousin who took to social media to accuse her of hooking up with Simon while he was still married to Falynn Pina. With Porsha attacking her ex-fiance on the show, many have been speaking out against the show star and her violent behavior. Among the critics are members of Porsha’s family who decided not to appear on the show because of the controversy surrounding her and her current fiance.

The Pursuit of Porsha author has been under fire after the latest episode of her solo spin-off aired and showed her viciously attacking her ex-fiance and daughter’s father, Dennis McKinley. Porsha still harbors resentment towards Dennis over cheating on her during her pregnancy and flew into a rage after it was brought up during the family dinner. Porsha threw boom mics and anything she could get her hands on while demanding for Dennis, his mother Gina, and his love interest to leave. At one point, she even made mention of having Dennis arrested despite being the aggressor.


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Porsha has been under fire on social media with many disappointed in her onscreen behavior. Even Porsha’s cousin, who goes by @ladytford on Instagram, spoke out against her reality star cousin accusing Porsha and Simon of hooking up while he was still a married man. Ford answered a few questions she has been receiving including if she agrees with Porsha and Simon’s relationship. “I don’t agree with messing around better yet being engaged to a married man,” Ford wrote in a post captured by The Shade Room. She made sure to note that she told Porsha this personally and was told to “be blessed.”

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Ford started her message by subliminally shading Porsha’s attitude towards Dennis’s mother Gina. “You don’t disrespect anyone’s mother,” Ford said while referencing Dennis’s claims of protecting his mother from the heated confrontation with Porsha and her family members. The cousin went on to explain why she opted out of appearing on the show. “I don’t agree with a lot that’s being portrayed,” she claimed before adding that she wanted to avoid the “fake ‘narrative’ that Porsha has a ‘village’ to agree to all her BS.” Ford revealed that she isn’t on good terms with Porsha and her mother Diane after they allegedly didn’t reach out following the passing of Ford’s mother and only contacted her to ask if she wanted to be on the show. Ford also credited Dennis and his mother for checking up on her during the rough experience.

Ford claimed that the only people who appeared on Porsha’s Family Matters are her cousin’s “groupies” who seemingly agree with the reality star’s decisions despite how controversial they might be. Ford’s claims are the latest in a list of people who defy Porsha’s claims of dating Simon only after he was divorced from Falynn. Simon’s ex-wife claims otherwise and Porsha has lost friends and close relationships due to all the drama surrounding her engagement. Most recently, Falynn’s current fiance Jaylan Banks blasted Simon for defending Porsha against the “abuse” she endured from Dennis despite all the “trauma” Jaylan says Simon caused Falynn. All of the messy drama is enough for another season of the new spin-off.

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Source: The Shade Room

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