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Hasbro’s Transformers team had a solid livestream yesterday with a little something for fans of all the various iterations.

I was most excited about the G1 reveals including a new Voyager Class Ironhide that’s not $300. Now if only we can get an updated Prowl and the inevitable Ratchet repaint.

Here’s the new figures and pre-order links.

Transformers Studio Series 86 Ironhide Voyager Class

transformers studio series 86 voyager class ironhide

Pre-order Ironhide from Amazon.


Deluxe Legacy Dead End

transformers legacy deluxe dead end

Pre-order Legacy Dead End from Amazon.

Transformers Legacy Predacon Inferno

transformers legacy predacon inferno

Pre-order Predacon Inferno from Amazon.

Transmetal II Megatron

transformers transmetal ii megatron

Pre-order Transmetal II Megatron from Amazon.

Studio Series 86 The Fallen

transformers studio series 86 the fallen


Pre-order The Fallen from Amazon.

Transformers The Last Knight Hot Rod

transformers the last knight hot rod

Pre-order Last Knight Hot Rod from Amazon.

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