Sanctuary Trash Locations (& How to Destroy Them)


To complete the second stage of the Resistance Quests in Week 8, Fortnite fans must find and destroy several nodes of Resistance trash in Sanctuary.

Stage 2 of Week 8’s Resistance Quests in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 tasks players to “Destroy trash laying around Sanctuary.” This assignment becomes available after fans have established a Device Uplink near The Daily Bugle or The Joneses. The Daily Bugle’s Device Uplink location can be found atop the massive arching ridge overlooking the complex on the southwest side of the landmark in Fortnite. On the other hand, the uplink near The Joneses is located beside a large, overturned boat near the area’s center.

Once Fortnite fans have established a Device Uplink at either of the designated locations, Jones will call the player, telling them that it is their job to clean up the trash left behind the Resistance’s party. Accordingly, combatants must travel from The Daily Bugle or The Joneses to Sanctuary, a landmark located between the two, south of Paradoxical Ruins. Once players arrive at the quest’s location, several new icons will appear on their minimap, indicating where to go next.


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To complete “Destroy trash laying around Sanctuary” in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2, players must head to Sanctuary’s northern or southern portion. After arrival, multiple diamond-shaped exclamation point markers will emerge on the minimap in Fortnite. These markers display where to find one of the Resistance’s trash nodes. Fans will need to destroy eight in total to complete the quest.

How To Destroy Sanctuary Trash In Fortnite

Fortnite Sanctuary Trash Map Locations

Sanctuary Trash in Fortnite appears as pizza boxes lying on the ground in random locations. Each node of trash can look slightly different. Some nodes will be a single box, and others will be multiple boxes stacked atop each other. Nonetheless, they all will have a cloud of stench and a swarm of flies hovering over them, with the flies making an audible buzzing noise. As repulsive as it might sound, the buzzing of the flies is what players will need to utilize to help locate where each trash pile is. While the icons appear accurately on the map, sometimes it can be tricky to find the small pizza boxes hidden throughout the environment.

To destroy Sanctuary Trash in Fortniteplayers must equip their Harvesting Tool and give a trash node a single strike to clean it. In addition, a chiming sound will play every time a pizza box is destroyed, implying that the node has been successfully cleared. Jones will also tune in during the player’s cleaning spree, providing some whimsical monologue while Fortnite fans finish up their task. Once around eight pieces of trash have been eliminated, players will receive 23,000 XP for their effort.

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