Search Party: The Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery


With the arrival of the final season of Search Party, fans are excited to see what the show and its many characters will get up to and how the show will come to a close. It’s only right to look back at the people in this show that have made their impact on audiences over the past few years.

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Although this series features characters that often make selfish decisions and have flawed logic, it’s fair to say that these choices take some true bravery. That being said, it’s clear that some members of the main cast are just simply more fearless than others.

10 Drew Gardner

Drew Gardner lays on a couch in search party

Drew is one of the least brave characters in the entire show. Not only does he chicken out about confronting Dory’s fighting neighbors, but he also has the hardest time dealing with their murder trial in season 3.

Though he does step up for himself every once in a while and make a decision that’s out of his comfort zone, his anxious and emotional nature outweighs his ability to persevere. It’s fair to say that Drew needs to toughen up a little bit in season 5.

9 Chip Wreck

Chip Wreck Holding up the dolls he made of Dory

Chip Wreck is a complex character, who, as shown by the season 4 trailer, is a dangerous stalker that traps Dory and confuses her.

While kidnapping someone, replicating their apartment, and attempting to brainwash them is an arduous task that needs a lot of ambition to complete, his overall personality has the air of someone who is kind of skittish and cowardly. Chip is an odd guy and the fact that he believes kidnapping Dory is the best way to get her to like him, shows that he doesn’t feel confident enough to even make friends naturally.


8 Bob Lunch

Bob Lunch lounging in season 3 of Search Party

Bob Lunch is one of the lawyers in the team defending Dory and her friends for murder. His courageousness comes from his lack of awareness and his ability to step in front of a courtroom with no logical train of thought is one of the hardest things a trained lawyer can do.

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Bob’s cluelessness is what makes him laugh-out-loud funny and part of why he’s so brave. He’s a fully functional adult that had to look up the definition of a pancake in one episode. Navigating normal life is, no doubt, difficult for him, but he vigilantly fights through it.

7 Gavin

Gavin On Search Party Covered in Sauce

Gavin plays a smaller part in Search Party as Chantal’s previous boyfriend, but he is certainly unabashed when he speaks and he likes causing scenes when people least expect it.

He not only talks with no filter about the most crass things he does, but he willingly embarrasses himself so that he can get other people to notice him. Gavin is too brave at certain points and he rarely feels ashamed for it.

6 Chantal Witherbottom

Chantal Witherbottom with Keith in Search party

Chantal is just a girl that wanted a new start with a love interest she liked a lot better than Gavin. Not only does this lead to her becoming the face on missing posters, but it’s also part of the reason she’s so brave.

Chantal gives up everything for an escapist dream of hers which is unthinkable for most normal people. Isolating from her family and former life was a brave and, simultaneously, cowardly thing to do. She ran from her problems, but also braved a new world for herself to discover.

5 Charlie Reeny

Charlie Reeny On Search Party

Charlie Reeny is a news host that is politically affiliated and loves to mock those who don’t agree with her views. When she has Elliott on her show, she treats him like the scum of the earth and says as much right in front of his face.

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Charlie’s confidence is founded in her political beliefs and is part of the reason she is so unwilling to hear other points of view. She is brave for putting on a performance and letting audiences from all over judge her ideas and understanding of the world.

4 Portia Davenport

Portia in a dory like wig in Search Party

Portia is a hard-working actress who handles rejection on a daily basis. She always asks for feedback on her acting skills and even when she doesn’t get the part that she wants, she remains cheerful. She is extremely emotional as she best matches the zodiac sign of Pisces, but she embraces this in her performances.

She is a great friend and her bravery extends beyond her career in the show as she tries to help her find her friend or as she gets caught in her other friends schemes. In spite of everything, Portia continues on with a smile.

3 Cassidy Diamond

Cassidy Diamond in the car on the way to court in Search Party

Cassidy Diamond is a lawyer with a distinct vocal fry who is brave for taking on such a popular murder case with clients that everyone in the world is talking about. She knows the evidence is against her defendants, but she takes on this challenge anyway.

She is unafraid to handle anything the court throws her way and even if she is focused more on the attention she receives than actually winning the case, she is a strong and funny Black woman in this TV comedy who knows what she wants.

2 Elliott Goss

Portia Davenport with Elliott Goss in search party

Elliott is brave because he knows he can be full of himself and he doesn’t care because he likes being true to who he is. He’s not afraid to be loud and voice his opinion, although he usually feels more comfortable doing this with Portia by his side supporting his ideas.

He is more self-aware than most characters in this show and yet he still chooses to be selfish, which shows just how comfortable he is with making other people uncomfortable. All this being said, his inability to step in to help others makes him a little cowardly.

1 Dory Sief

Dory Sief mug shot in search party

Dory is by far the bravest character on Search Party and while she might not be as brave as a Gryffindor, she still endures so much and gets herself in the most dangerous situations. Whether it’s dealing with being kidnapped or being on trial, she knows how to fearlessly face anything that comes her way.

As a woman searching for her purpose in the darkest of places, Dory is no stranger to having to solve her problems alone or without anyone else caring. She knows who she is and, even though her thinking becomes compromised in season 4, she still bravely tries to deprogram herself.

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