Sony’s New And Even Smarter 2022 Bravia XR TVs Are Coming Soon


Sony’s 2022 Bravia XR TV lineup was announced at this year’s CES event, with a variety of Mini LED, OLED and LED TVs for consumers to choose from.

Sony announced its 2022 Bravia XR TV lineup at CES 2022 with the latest models boasting a number of improvements over previous versions and offering a smarter viewing experience in general. With a combination of 4K and 8K Mini LED, OLED, and LED TVs coming, those in need of a new premium smart TV from Sony will have plenty of options to choose from this year.

Sony is no stranger to making high quality TVs and its Bravia XR TV models are designed to showcase some of the best advancements the company has made to date. As to be expected, many of these improvements don’t solely rely on year-over-year hardware improvements, but also software, typically algorithm-based, solutions. With CES 2022 taking place this week, Sony is highlighting what it’s been working on behind the scenes over the past year, and software is playing more of a role than ever before.


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At CES 2022, Sony announced its next generation of Bravia XR televisions headlined by the 75 and 85-inch MASTER Series Z9K 8K Mini LED TV models. The MASTER Series A95K OLED TV lineup is also gaining new 55 and 65-inch models, while the X95K 4K Mini LED TV family will be joined by new 65, 75 and 85-inch models. In addition, a variety of sizes are becoming available for the MASTER Series A90K, A80K, and X90K lineups as well. Although now officially announced, Sony has yet to reveal actual pricing or availability information for any of the new TVs, but says that information will come through in spring 2022.

A Smarter Bravia XR TV Experience

Sony Bravia XR Z9K sound

At the heart of its latest TVs is Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR which looks to offer a ‘lifelike experience’ by reproducing audio and visuals in more of a natural way. While the processor itself is not new, Sony’s XR Backlight Master Drive is, and powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. Using a purpose-designed algorithm, the XR Backlight Master Drive attempts to provide the viewer with even more accurate brightness and dynamic range levels. Consumers specifically interested in taking advantage of this latest advancement will need to consider picking up one of the Z9K or X95K Mini LED models launching later this year, while those interested in what Sony says is its “widest color palette” yet might want to take a closer look at the new A95K models which benefit from a QD-OLED panel with XR Triluminos Max support.

Some of the other smarts that buyers of any of these TVs can expect include a more immersive audio/visual experience through the use of Acoustic Surface Audio+ or Acoustic Multi-Audio (depending on whether it’s an OLED or LED TV), as well as the company’s Calibrated Mode which looks to automatically adjust the picture to provide, regardless of the lighting conditions, an ‘as the creator intended’ experience. All of the new 2022 models also come loaded with Google TV as the underlying operating system and feature a number of the company’s own software tweaks and apps, including Bravia Core.

For reference, Sony has also taken this year’s TV product lineup announcement to further highlight its commitment to sustainability. For example, Sony explains that some of the new models use 99-percent recycled plastic material, while packaging size has been reduced by 15-percent, the use of ink by 90-percent, and plastic by 35-percent in general.

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