Teddi Wright Reacts To Kissing Clayton Echard On Night One


Teddi Wright reacts to kissing Clayton Echard on The Bachelor season 26 episode 1. Check out what Teddi said about kissing Clayton on night one.

After kissing Clayton Echard and receiving his first impression rose, Teddi Wright is now reacting to her appearance at the grand premiere of The Bachelor season 26. Prior to Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette even premiering on ABC, it was promptly reported that Clayton had already been chosen as the next Bachelor. This week, Clayton’s journey on the show started out with him meeting as many as 31 contestants vying for his love.

Going into The Bachelor season 26, Teddi introduced herself as a 24-year-old surgical unit nurse from Redlands, CA. She also revealed that she happens to be a virgin at this point in her life. Teddi joked about the fact that she wasn’t planning on kissing Clayton anytime soon. But once she arrived at the mansion, Teddi was taken aback by Clayton and they quickly hit it off. By the end of Clayton’s season premiere, Teddi not only kissed him but also received the first impression rose of season 26.


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Now, Teddi has taken to Instagram Stories to share her reactions to kissing Clayton on night one. As seen in the screenshots below, Teddi first shared a photo with a family member who asked her, “You don’t kiss him the first episode right?” She added, “Oops.” Teddi then referenced how she said earlier in the episode that she wouldn’t kiss Clayton on the first night but then still went on to kiss him right away. “You really held your ground Ted, proud of you,” she joked about herself. Later, she shared a tweet from new The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer congratulating Teddi on her big first night on the show.

Teddi Wright from The Bachelor season 26 via Instagram Story talking about kissing Clayton Echard at the premiere

As the recipient of Clayton’s first impression rose, it is possible that Teddi will be a big cast member over the course of season 26. With that said, there’s never any guarantee that the first impression rose recipient will make it to the end. Clayton and Teddi did hit it off rather quickly on the show. It is also a great sign that they already kissed at the mansion and already have that physical chemistry going on between them. On the other hand, there’s still an entire season ahead of them to play out on TV.

In fact, Clayton kissed a record-breaking five women during his very first night as the lead of The Bachelor. As a result, his kiss with Teddi probably didn’t mean as much as it would’ve meant in other seasons. Bachelor Nation will keep tuning in to find out how Teddi and Clayton will do throughout the competition.

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The Bachelor season 26 airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Teddi Wright/Instagram

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