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Over the years, Lois Lane has continued to be one of DC’s most fascinating characters. Even though there is plenty of uncertainty over the character’s future in the DCEU, fans can still look forward to seeing more of her in Superman & Lois, which was renewed for a third season, as well as the planned animated continuation of Smallville.

Ever since she debuted in Action Comics #1 (1938), Lois Lane has featured prominently in over 50 live-action and animated DC projects. But among the numerous actors that have voiced or played her, who has been the best? Thanks to fan votes on Ranker, a few notable names have sneaked into the top 10.


10 Pauley Perrette – Superman Vs The Elite (2001)

Lois Lane comforts Superman in Superman Vs The Elite

Perrette is best known for her role as the Washington Navy Yard forensic scientist, Abby Scuito, in NCIS She regularly does TV commercials too.

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Perrette presumably ranks lower because her character lacks many Daily Planet arcs as is usually the case in the comics. However, she thrives by being depicted as a more caring partner. She loves Clark Kent but hates when he is Superman. For that reason, she is often against the idea of him fighting dangerous villains such as the Elite. Moreover, she does a great job of keeping Clark in check as there are several moments when he almost snaps and breaks his “no kill” rule.

9 Rebecca Romijn – The Death Of Superman (2018) & The Reign Of Supermen (2019)

Lois Lane comforts Clark in The Death Of Superman

Romjin is one of few actors who have appeared in both Marvel and DC movies as she also portrayed the shapeshifter Mystique in the X-Men universe. Additionally, she served as host of the reality TV show, Skin Wars.

Fans that enjoy the usual Lois and Clark romantic moments won’t like Romijn’s Lois as much because the two aren’t granted a lengthy storyline as a couple. For the most part, Lois doesn’t even get to know Clark is Superman, and soon after she does, he gets killed by Doomsday. Nonetheless, Romijn brilliantly brings out the famed reporter’s emotions as she tries to come to terms with the death of someone she had just begun to love.

8 Bitsie Tulloch – Superman & Lois (2021 – Present)


Tulloch’s breakout role is that of the Hexenbiest, Eve, in the fantasy procedural show, Grimm. She further made a name for herself as the Silent Era actress, Norma, in The Artist.

Tulloch always tackles her role as Lois with extreme solemnity, with the character always appearing stern. Tulloch’s Lois is also a unique one because her story is the reverse of what has been traditionally been the norm in DC media. She starts working for the larger Daily Planet before settling for the smaller Smallville Gazette. She also relocates from Metropolis to Smallville instead of the other way round as is normally the case.  Still, she comes off as a much stronger version of the character who not only revolutionaries journalism in a small town but brilliantly raises two superpowered sons, a headache no other Lois has had to deal with.

7 Amy Adams – The DCEU

Adams is unquestionably the most famous and decorated actor to have portrayed Lois Lane. With 6 Oscar nominations and 10 Golden Globe nominations to her name, there is no doubting her abilities.

Like many other DCEU actors, Adams has had to try and get the most out of bad plots. In spite of that, her Lois Lane is still very formidable. Like Adams, the DCEU Lois has the accolades too as she is said to be a Pulitzer-winning journalist. She is arguably even more heroic than Clark since it’s her that manages to get Lex Luthor jailed.

6 Phyllis Coates – Superman And The Mole Men (1950) & Adventures of Superman (1952-58)

Phyllis Coates Lois Lane Adventures of Superman

Coates not only has a large body of work but is also one of the Hollywood stars who lived to a ridiculously old age. She’s also one of two stars to play both Lois and her mother. She appeared as the reporter’s mother in the ’90s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

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Coates’ character heavily channels the damsel-in-distress trope. In more episodes of the series, she finds herself in dangerous situations that require Superman to come and save her. But thanks to these angles, there are plenty of adventures for fans to enjoy. The rescue moments result in numerous romantic moments too.

5 Dana Delany – DCAU

Lois Lane in Superman The Animated Series image

Fans best know Delany as Katherine Mayfair from Desperate Housewives. She also voiced Andrea Beaumont, one of Batman’s best love interests, in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

What makes Delany’s Lois a fascinating one is that she has several refreshing arcs. A romance between Lois and Bruce Wayne is almost unheard of in the comics but this version goes that route. Even more interesting is that she gets to date Lex Luthor too. Careerwise, Delany’s Lois is detective-like. A daredevil, she does just about everything possible to get a story, including going undercover and hiring informants. This makes her as heroic as the superheroes she frequently interacts with.

4 Margot Kidder – Superman Tetralogy (1978 – 1987)

Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane in Superman

Kidder’s vast filmography mostly consists of horror movie roles, hence by playing Lois, she stepped out of her comfort zone in a major way. She also got to appear in Smallville as the scientist, Bridget Cosby.

On the big screen, Kidder’s Lois is unmatched because she is the only one to ever appear in 4 different movies. Furthermore, the trope of the hero quitting everything for love doesn’t play out a lot in superhero media but Kidder’s Lois is so adorable that Clark gives up everything, including his powers, in order to be a normal man for her. The two go through a lot together and it’s quite a shame that their story doesn’t end with a grand wedding.

3 Noel Neil – Superman (1948) Atom Man vs. Superman (1950)

Lois shows Clark a news articles about Superman in Superman Vs Atom

Neil was a prolific actor, appearing in over 90 movies and TV shows throughout her career. And she was a major part of Superman media as a whole too, landing supporting roles in Superboy and Superman Returns.

Neil’s Lois will always have a special place in the hearts of DC fans because she’s the first-ever live-action version of the character. And she mostly stands out because of her numerous courageous moments. On one occasion, she even attempts to rescue Clark from kidnappers, a situation he had failed to get himself out of despite his powers. She also gets to have more tag-team reporter moments with Clark compared to other versions of the character.

2 Teri Hatcher – Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-97)

Superman prepares to fly Lois Lane in in Lois And Clark - The New Adventures Of Superman

Hatcher’s most notable roles are that of the Bond girl Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies and Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives. Lately, she has appeared frequently in food-related reality shows.

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Hatcher gives fans everything they could possibly want from Lois Lane. From a distinguished career to endless adventures, there is nothing this version of Lois doesn’t do. Her relationship with Clark isn’t perfect either. The two have plenty of challenges thus eliminating the monotony of a perfect love story.

1 Erica Durance – Smallville (2004 – 2011)

Lois Lane finds artefacts belonging to Isis in Smallville

To non-DC fans, Durance is Dr. Alex Reid from the medical drama Saving Hope. She has appeared in a couple of indie movies throughout her career too.

One of the reasons Durance’s Lois Lane is held in high regard is because she is the most comical one. Lois Lane’s best Smallville quotes are also some of the best in the series overall. Her remarks mostly consist of burns and sarcasm, making her a very entertaining conversationalist. Moreover, Durance’s Lois is the only version of the character to have a proper origin story.

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