The 10 Best Quotes From The 355


Simon Kinberg’s The 355 is the latest entrant into the spy genre, and it sure does provide plenty of entertainment. With its mostly female cast, the movie feels like a refreshing addition to an area that’s mostly male-dominated. It also ignores the “lone superspy” trend in favor of teamwork, something that works beautifully for the story.

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While not everyone might find the Universal Pictures release interesting, audiences are guaranteed to enjoy the dialogue. As the skilled operatives from different globes try to stop a device that might just cause World War III from falling into the wrong hands, they come up with plenty of interesting remarks.


When Mace Describes The Group’s Purpose

“We Put Ourselves In Danger, So Other’s Aren’t. We’re The 355.”

The 355 Trailer

CIA operative Mason “Mace” Browne chooses the most appropriate words to announce her team’s arrival into the world of espionage. They are happy to team up because they want to protect others.

Though the explanation feels a bit cliche, it’s one that makes sense. Since each of them is highly skilled, Mace feels they are in a better position to protect the world than anyone else. Her statement also shows that she’s really proud of the all-women team up and that’s why she makes sure to state the group’s name once again.

When Graciela Considers Quitting

“I Have Two Children. I Am A Normal Person. I Can’t Do This Anymore.”

Graciela looks concerned in The 355

Colombian psychologist, Graciela, only joins the team because she’s in the area at the time assessing the psyche of Luis Rojas. As expected, she soon grows tired of the chaos and considers quitting.

Graceila’s claim that she is a normal person isn’t exactly true since she also happens to be an agent for Colombia’s Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI). Spy work isn’t exactly something new to her. She is excellent at sniffing threats early, a trait that makes her one the most intelligent characters in The 355.  Nonetheless, she has every right to consider quitting because her work makes her stay away from her family for too long. Enemies also target family members therefore she feels the need to protect them.

When Mace Explains What She Needs From The Team

“The Bad Guys Are Out There Right Now. You Go Home, You Bring Them With You.”

Diane Kruger, Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong'o in The 355

Since all the spies in the team are from different regions, Mace makes the task clear to each of them. They should all flush out the baddies from their own backyards.

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With the pronouncement, Mace once again paints herself as the most suited leader for the group. She also shows that she fully trusts all the operatives to get the job done. As someone who has been handling threats for a long time, she knows the kind of antagonists they’ll be dealing with but she has no doubt they’ll be able to stop them.

When Khadijah Reacts To Grady Saying There Are Four Agents On The Streets

“I Counted Six. But Thanks For The Tip.”

Khadija conducts surveillance during a fight in The 355

Former MI6 agent and current freelance cybersecurity expert, Khadijah, reacts quickly when Grady informs her about there are four agents outside. She quickly corrects him, stating that there are in fact six.

As a techie, Khadijah has wider eyes than any other member of the team. It’s her job to see what others don’t and she has all the equipment needed to do that. Her bold reaction is her way of reemphasizing that she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what’s going on in areas she is supposed to be monitoring. She is normally the first to have such information, something that qualifies Khadijah as one of the best movie surveillance specialists.

When Marie Gets Asked If She Is In Therapy

“I Should Be.”

Marie admits she needs therapy in The 355

Upon noticing how troubled German BND agent Marie Schmidt looks, Graciela asks her if she is seeing a therapist. The veteran agent figures she should indeed see a psychiatrist.

As one of the longest-serving spies in The 355, Marie has witnessed plenty of dark moments. She even had to bring down her own father, something that really depressed her. Sadly, the movie doesn’t create time for Marie to get help from Gracieala since most of the running time is allocated to the larger plot.

When Khadijah Reacts To Her Boyfriend’s Complaints

“I’ll Be Back For Dinner Tomorrow.”

Khadijah talks to Mace in The 355

Khadijah gets called for another mission after returning home, something that annoys her boyfriend. He starts lamenting but since she has no time for explanations, she assures him she’ll be back within a day.

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It’s a scene that shows how challenging it is to do spy work while still trying to lead a normal life. While it’s all for a good cause, partners will just never understand. In the end, it always comes down to the tough choice between love and work and in tales such as this, the characters mostly choose work.

When Marie Allocates Herself A Task

“I’ll Handle The Guns.”

Marie offers to be the enforcer in The 355

As is the case with every other movie team-up, each of the spies is allocated a specific task. As for Marie, she makes it clear that she’d like to handle the guns.

Though the German agent initially throws a wrench into Mace’s plan, she soon agrees to shake hands and chase after the same target. She is introduced as a very capable fighter and it’s, therefore, no surprise when she makes it clear that the guns will be her duty. And she sure doesn’t disappoint.

When Larry Advises Mace How To Go About The Mission

“Officially, I Can’t Put You On This. But If You Were To Go Out On Your Own.”

The team meets with Larry Marks in The 355

As Mace is about to branch out of the CIA to go on the mission, her boss Larry tells her exactly what each boss says in this kind of movie. It’s off the books.

It’s yet another cliche remark but there is no doubt that The 355 would not have felt as enjoyable as some of the best spy movies of all time without it. That’s because the statement is basically a formal authorization. Mace and her team are now allowed to not play by the rules as much as they want without any form of consequence.

When Nick Mocks Mace

“Always Such A Tough Guy.”

Sebastian Stan and Jessica Chastain in The 355

Mace’s colleague, Nick, turns out to be a traitor as he works to get the doomsday device to the terrorist. Angry at how Mace is relentlessly trying to stop him, he settles for mocking her.

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Nick’s words stem from frustration. As a person who has been deeply corrupted, he doesn’t understand why people like Mace try so hard to do the right thing instead of focusing on making themselves wealthier. He is right about Mace being tough though, as it’s something that’s proven again and again in the movie.

When Mace Looks At The Names Of The People They’re Hunting

“This Is Like Half The CIA’s Most Wanted.”

Mace and her team discuss the targets in The 355

Mace is thrilled when she learns the identities of each person they’re supposed to bring down. That’s because most of them are people the agency has been chasing for a long time.

Mace is particularly thrilled since she’s about to solve most of the CIA’s problems while not officially on duty for the agency. She is also happy that she’ll take most of the credit for that, which means that once she gets back to work, her status will have shot up. It turns out to be a not-so-easy task but she does manage it.

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