The Batman Merch Mimics Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit & Catwoman’s Costume


A number of new pieces of merchandise for The Batman have been uncovered, allowing fans to don the hero’s outfit in the form of costumes and hoodies.

A number of new pieces of merchandise for The Batman have been uncovered, allowing fans to don the hero’s outfit in the form of costumes and hoodies. Matt Reeves’ 2022 movie will see Robert Pattinson take on the role of the titular caped crusader in a new take on the character. Pattinson stars alongside Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, and Paul Dano.

With Pattinson’s take on Batman due to finally arrive in March,  fans are intrigued to see his and Reeves’ long-awaited and much-delayed movie following numerous recasts, production pauses, and release date changes. Reeves’ story will see the Caped Crusader in the earlier days of his crime-fighting career, as he deals with the corrupt criminal families of Gotham, and a new mysterious and terrifying version of The Riddler (Dano) that promises to be a far cry from the bright-green puzzle master in other continuities. Recent trailers also put emphasis on Batman and Catwoman’s (Kravitz) relationship, showing that Bruce and Selina’s complex relationship will be central to the story. As such, both characters have been the subject of much of the film’s merch.


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Discovered on Merchoid.com and Costumes.com, these recently revealed pieces of merch allow fans to don outfits inspired by the film’s lead characters. Merchoid.com listed a hoodie that replicates the pattern of the plated armor seen on Pattinson’s Batsuit, complete with his chest emblem. Meanwhile, Costumes.com listed a range of costumes for young and old fans of Batman and Catwoman, with the website offering basic costumes for both children and adults. Deluxe Batman costumes are also available in both kid and adult sizes that are more detailed than the basic costumes. Check out images of the merchandise below.

The hoodie and costumes are the latest pieces of merch made for the upcoming film. In October, LEGO unveiled its range of sets inspired by The Batman, with detailed models of the Batcave, Pattinson’s Batmobile, and a high-speed motorcycle chase between Batman and Selina. McFarlane Toys have also created figures in their DC Multiverse line inspired by the film of Batman, Selina, and the Riddler, giving fans their best glimpses at the costumes.

Though the items of clothing don’t offer anything too spoilerific on The Batman‘s plot, they remain an important part of the film’s release. Ever since Keaton’s Batman exploded in popularity and brought the hero to the big screen, merchandise has been a massive and profitable part of every film’s release. These costumes will allow fans to become Reeves’ versions of the iconic DC couple, while the hoodie provides a stylish, casual alternative for everyday wear.

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Source: Merchoid.com, Costumes.com

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