The Batman Star Thinks There Are Probably Too Many Superhero Movies


The Batman star Peter Sarsgaard has expressed that he thinks there are too many superhero movies and says other films suffer due to them.

The Batman star Peter Sarsgaard thinks there are probably too many superhero movies. Sarsgaard will be appearing in The Batman as Gil Coulson, Gotham’s shady district attorney. Matt Reeves’ upcoming DCEU film will mark the first appearance of the Caped Crusader outside the DCEU since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. In addition to Sarsgaard, The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, Paul Dano as Riddler, Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

Despite his deep interest in arthouse thrillers and experimental theatre, Sarsgaard is no stranger to the superhero genre. Besides his role in The Batman, Sarsgaard also appeared as the villain Hector Hammond in 2011’s Green Lantern. Sarsgaard is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal who starred in one of the century’s most influential superhero films The Dark Knight, while Gyllenhaal’s brother Jake starred as the villain Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Due to these connections, Sarsgaard certainly is familiar with the genre that has come to dominate the industry over the last decade and a half.


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In a recent interview with The GuardianSarsgaard has stated that he believes that cinemas have become oversaturated with superhero films. He’s not wrong of course, as Marvel releases several MCU films a year, while DC continues to release both DCEU films and films like The Batman which take place outside of it. Sarsgaard stands by his opinion that many actors would rather be doing other types of work, but superhero films are what sells. According to Sarsgaard, he often jokes with his wife that they could be doing “experimental theatre in some socialist country,” however, he also believes that an artist wants to share their work “with the largest number of people.” See his full quote below:

“I’ve always wondered, if there were no money in playing superheroes … [whether] actors would still be as drawn to them.”

“But there’s also the idea that we could do the most obscure, interesting thing in a basement somewhere – I joke with my wife that one day we’ll just do experimental theatre in some socialist country – and yet you want to share what you do with the largest number of people.”

Robert Pattinson as Batman alongside Peter Sarsgaard

Sarsgaard has also gone on to speak about how the success of superhero blockbusters harms the success of other films in genres that he connects to. When The Batman hits theatres, cinemas around the world will be flooded with screenings, likely showing the film on several screens within one location. This, of course, does not leave room for much else to reach audiences during this time. Sarsgaard recently took on a role in the film The Lost Daughter which was helmed by his wife, Gyllenhaal. While the film has done relatively well, even being nominated for three Academy Awards, Sarsgaard does wonder if anyone would have seen the film if it had the misfortune to open alongside The Batman. Despite this, Sarsgaard still chose to participate in The Batman, and he has a message to other actors considering doing a superhero film: “if you’re going to do one, you’d better be damn sure Matt Reeves is directing it.”

Sarsgaard’s concerns certainly echo those of many filmgoers who aren’t interested in what studios like Marvel and DC have to offer. It has become increasingly difficult to find “arthouse” style films in theatres, though they have in more recent years found a home on streaming services. Of course, one could make the argument that while superhero films dominate the theatre, it is the arthouse films that get recognized by institutions like the Academy Awards. Many fans were disappointed earlier this year to find that mega-hit Spider-Man: No Way Home was only nominated for a Best Visual Effects Oscar. Despite this, Sarsgaard seems to feel quite passionately about the direction that Reeves has decided to take The Batmanwhich may indicate that the film will be able to bridge the gap between these two sensibilities in filmmaking.

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Source: The Guardian

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