The Batman Trailer Edit Has Jim Carrey’s Riddler Taunt Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson faces a different kind of enemy in a fan edit of The Batman’s latest trailer, which puts Jim Carrey’s Riddler in the gritty movie.

A funny fan edit of the latest The Batman trailer brings Jim Carrey’s Riddler in to taunt Robert Pattinson. The most anticipated DC movie for some time now, Matt Reeves’ The Batman was originally slated to premiere in June 2021. It was delayed various times by the coronavirus pandemic, but it is finally expected to arrive in just under two months. The Batman will offer an updated take on the iconic DC superhero, with Pattinson taking on the role for the first time. The film exists in its own continuity – meaning separate from the DCEU.

The Batman will pick up with Bruce Wayne in his second year of being Gotham’s controversial vigilante. He might not have been Batman for a long time, but he’s already facing one of his most difficult challenges yet. Members of Gotham’s elite are being killed by a masked villain, and Bruce must utilize his famed detective skills to track him down. As The Batman has already revealed, the Riddler (Paul Dano) is the one responsible, and this version of the rogue promises to be the scariest one yet.


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The Batman‘s Riddler is a far cry from the one depicted by Jim Carrey in 1995’s Batman Forever, which is why a new trailer edit from Matthew Highton is so hilarious. Taking the most recent Batman trailer, Highton edited Carrey’s Riddler opposite Pattinson and drastically changed the tone of the new film. It brings some levity to The Batman and makes Pattinson’s brooding feel rather silly when paired with Carrey’s over-the-top nature. At the same time, there’s something about the sounds of The Batman that manages to make even Carrey’s performance menacing. Check it out down below.

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Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever is one of the campiest depictions of Bruce Wayne and his universe, with Carrey’s Riddler being the epitome of wackiness. Meanwhile, The Batman is taking a far darker approach to the Riddler, playing up his formidableness as a criminal mastermind. The two Riddlers couldn’t be more dissimilar, which is why the above trailer edit is so amusing. Fans might have mixed feelings on Carrey’s version of the Batman rogue, but no one can deny he made a memorable Riddler. We’ll see if Dano does the same.

As Bruce Wayne has been depicted so many times onscreen, The Batman has its work cut out for itself when it comes to establishing a unique version of the character. Though it seems to fall somewhat in line with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogyThe Batman is tackling a few characters those films never touched. That element, plus the mystery centered on the Riddler, can make Reeves’ film stand out. It might not be as campy as Schumacher’s iteration or as sparse as Nolan’s, but it has a lot working in its favor. It’ll be exciting to see where The Batman falls in the character’s film legacy.

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