The Best (& Friendliest) Servers For New Players


Rust can be a difficult game for new players to grow used to because of more experienced ones. This guide shows how to pick a friendly server.

Survival games like Rust are already stressful enough when the player only has to worry about themselves, but dealing with other players can be an absolute nightmare sometimes. Dropping into a server for the first time can be a scary experience if all the other players in the game have already started acquiring good gear and building impressive fortresses. Even if other players aren’t more technologically advanced, some servers just have a high amount of overly violent players.

Rust has traditionally been a hardcore experience that isn’t quite welcoming of newcomers. However, Facepunch studios introduced a less harrowing experience for new players that is aimed at casual and new players. However, it can still be a daunting task to find a friendly server for less experienced players even with the new mode.


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This is why it is extremely important for players to be able to choose the best server for their skill level. As a beginner, they will need to learn the ropes and understand how to survive early on in the game, which can be much more difficult if they are constantly getting killed by experienced players. This guide shows players how to pick the best servers in Rust for beginners.

Rust – How to Find The Best Newcomer Servers

Rust Crossbow Team Attack

The biggest problem for newcomers to Rust is that it can be a little daunting to search for a good server due to the game’s pretty poor search system. This isn’t helped by the fact that servers are constantly being made or deleted as time goes on, so even if the player finds a decent one it may not be there in a week. There are several tips that players can keep in mind if they want to choose a decent server for themselves. Here are a few strategies:

  • Look for servers that were recently wiped. This means that every player on the server will have recently been made to start from scratch, so everyone will be starting at the same point.
  • Use websites like Rust Servers to find servers that are open to new players more easily.
  • Newcomers will want to stick to servers with fewer people on them. If there are fewer people playing on a server it means that the player will be able to spread out and more easily get away from other players.
  • Read the details of a server. Some of them have been modded to make things easier for new players or have active admins who won’t put up with overly aggressive or rude players.
  • Keep an eye out for the words “Noob Friendly” or “No KoS”. KoS means to kill on sight, so players will don’t want to be killed by every other player they see will want to join servers with like-minded people.
  • Remember that there will always be people in a server that will be rude to newcomers or will break the rules of a given server, but players should keep in mind that the rest of the people on that server probably won’t put up with that kind of stuff.
  • Host a private server that can only be accessed by friends.

For players who are wanting to jump right into the game ASAP, here are a few servers right now that should be relatively friendly to new players:

  • |US|Paradise Island|PvE|Vanilla|2x|NoRaid|MinDecay|
  • NA SNE X100 smeltX20 RB k (Noob Friendly)
  • [EU/US] RustyWasteland PVE | Raidable Bases | Zombies
  • |US|Paradise Island|PvE|Zombies|No Raid|No Kill|
  • RustPlay PVE With Custom Zombies|LVLs|Kits|Cars|Quests|Clans|

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Rust can be played on PC.

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