The Best New Mods For Skyrim: Anniversary Edition


Skyrim: Anniversary Edition bundles in Skyrim: Special Edition with the content in the Creation Club. Some of the new mods are better than the rest.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition bundles Skyrim: Special Edition with all the Creation Club content, including a plethora of new mods for players to enjoy. Over 500 pieces of Creation Club content are available for players to download in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition. Upon loading the game for the first time, players may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new content to experience in the Creation Club. Additionally, 74 packs of content have been released since the Creation Club’s inception.

The mods in the Creation Club are created by Bethesda themselves or approved for sale by external creators. Over the years, players have enjoyed many of these mods, and certain selections have become popular amongst Skyrim players. Pieces of Creation Club content range from new and improved bows to Dwarven armor that can be applied to Mudcrabs. Not every piece of Creation Club content is worth downloading, but some are essential for new and returning Skyrim players.


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Creation Club content available in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition occupies several different categories. New content mainly involves new questlines, armor, weapons, dungeons, and general gameplay alterations. The best mods available in this edition of Skyrim make quality of life improvements and add new weapons, ammo, and abilities to the game. Certain mods are better than others, and the following mods are recognized as some of the best mods in the game. Although the base game of Skyrim has plenty of rare items to collect, many of the mods introduce exceptionally unique content to Skyrim.

The Best Creation Club Mods in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

All Creation Club Mods Confirmed For Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition So Far
  • Questline Mods: “Ghosts of the Tribunal,” “The Cause,” and “Saints & Seducers” are among the most beloved pieces of Skyrim content since its release in 2011. “Ghosts of the Tribunal” is a questline that delves deep into the lore regarding the Dark Elf Tribunal of Living Gods introduced in previous Elder Scrolls games. “The Cause” follows the activities of the Mehrunes Dagon followers after his death at the end of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Finally, “Saints & Seducers” involves combating a mage attempting to merge Nirn with Sheogorath’s realm.
  • Armor and Weapon Pack Mods: Various armor sets and weapons are available in the Creation Club, with a few high-tier item packs sprinkled throughout. The Alternative Armor series of packs change numerous armor types to more extravagant looks. However, Daedric Armor remains one of the coolest armor sets in video game history. Weapon packs like the Arcane Archer Pack allow players to create new, elemental arrows to use, especially tough enemies.
  • Gameplay Mods: Survival Mode and Arcane Accessories are two of the most popular gameplay mods in Skyrim. Survival Mode adds survival mechanics to Skyrim, which work similarly to Fallout: New Vegas or Red Dead Redemption 2. Hunger, body temperature, fatigue, and resource regeneration are new features included in Survival Mode. Arcane Accessories introduces a slew of new spells for players to use against vulnerable enemies across Tamriel.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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