The Boys Star Celebrates Father’s Day With Perfect Homelander Post


The Boys’ Antony Starr celebrates Father’s Day by sharing an edit of Homelander with a rather fitting son: Brightburn’s Brandon Breyer.

The Boys‘ Antony Starr celebrates Father’s Day by sharing a fan edit of Homelander and Brightburn’s Brandon Breyer. Starr has played the antithesis of DC’s Superman, Homelander, for three seasons on Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys. Having endured the life of a lab rat since early childhood, Homelander grew into a narcissistic sociopath, the epitome of everything that’s wrong with superheroes (a.k.a. Supes), and arguably the universe’s worst father.

The Boys season 1 revealed Homelander to be the reason Billy Butcher joined forces with Grace Mallory and founded the titular group of Supe-busting vigilantes. In short, Homelander raped Butcher’s wife, Becca, which led to her disappearance after becoming pregnant. While originally believed to have died in childbirth—along with the baby—Becca and her Supe son, Ryan Butcher, survived and lived in secret under the protection of Vought until Homelander finds out and decides to dip his toes into parenting, as seen in The Boys season 2. Suffice to say, Ryan won’t be celebrating Father’s Day this year.


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Starr recently took to social media and reposted an edit from famed artist Bosslogic to celebrate Father’s Day. The photo sees Homelander parenting Brightburn’s Brandon, who’d certainly be a better fit for The Boys’ antagonist than Ryan. Check it out below:

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Similar to The Boys, 2019’s Brightburn deconstructed the superhero genre by presenting a version of Superman that is evil. Produced by James Gunn, the slasher tells the story of an alien boy on a Kansas farm who has super strength, can fly, and has heat vision. Unfortunately, unlike Clark Kent, Brandon was sent to Earth to destroy humans and ultimately commits to doing just that. Following Queen Maeve’s blackmailing of Homelander at the end of season 2, The Boys season 3 sees Starr’s character constantly on the verge of destroying everything and everyone.

Thankfully, Ryan is in hiding with the CIA and free of Homelander’s influence. Becca’s dying wish was for Butcher to acknowledge her son as “good,” and he may grow up to be just that—which isn’t common in the world of The Boys. If Ryan does grow up to be better than his father and Brightburn, he could be the one to put Homelander and all the other corrupt/abusive Supes in their place. The last audiences saw of him in The Boys season 3, Butcher had said some pretty terrible things in an attempt to alienate him as the titular team goes after his father. For now, Butcher, Hughie Campbell, and the boys are committed to using Solider Boy and his new powers to try and take out Homelander; only time will tell if they succeed.

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The Boys season 3 releases new episodes Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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