The Flash Season 8 Episode 15 Trailer Previews Search For Iris


The trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 15 previews the big search for one of the show’s principal characters as they have gone missing.

WARNING: This article includes MAJOR spoilers from The Flash season 8, episodes 14 and 15.

Following the end of this week’s episode, the trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 15 tackles the disappearance of one of the show’s principal characters. The last couple of episodes for The Flash have been some of the darkest and most emotional ones this year. With the introduction of Deathstorm as the latest big bad, The Flash season 8 tackled one of the bigger villains of the series, which resulted in the death of Killer Frost. Episode 14, “Funeral for a Friend,” focused entirely on Team Flash grieving their fallen ally.


While “Funeral for a Friend” served as a tribute for Frost, The Flash season 8 also unleashed the latest mystery about another ongoing storyline. Since The Flash season 7, Iris West-Allen has been suffering from a time-sickness, causing her to disappear from the timeline. Since The Flash season 8 resumed its run in 2022, Iris’ time-sickness has been slowly progressing as she and Barry try to figure out how she got sick in the first place. While these last few episodes have focused heavily on the Deathstorm arc, Iris’ condition has factored into various episodes, and the end of “Funeral for a Friend” indicates that The Flash is ready to go even deeper into the situation.

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The final scene in “Funeral for a Friend” sees Iris once again disappear for unknown reasons after having just finished chatting with one of her employees. After the airing of episode 14, The CW (via TV Promos) ran a trailer for The Flash season 8, episode 15, which is titled “Into the Still Force.” The new footage gives glimpses of Team Flash’s mission next week as Barry connects with Deon, who agrees to help find Iris. However, Deon makes it clear that where they are going, it will get “weird.” Check out the trailer below.

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The latest Flash season 8 trailer also reveals the return of Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen, a.k.a. XS, who was last seen in episode 6, “Impulsive Excessive Disorder,” earlier this year. “Into the Still Force,” which was written by Lauren Barnett and Christina M. Walker and directed by The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, seems to follow an annual tradition from previous seasons. In almost every season, episode 15 is where The Flash goes with incredibly intense and game-changing storylines.

Given how much they have been setting the stage for Iris’ time-sickness to take the spotlight, it seems fair to say that things will be far from over next week. Originally, The Flash season 8 was going to run for 18 episodes but was extended to 20, with the season finale scheduled to air on Wednesday, June 29. While little is known about the remainder of the season, The Flash season 8 finale will include some familiar faces and a major surprise cameo. Even though Iris’ time-sickness is getting to a crazier stage, it will likely be finished by the end of the season, as will other arcs, including ones that tie it all back to The Flash seasons 6 and 7.

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The Flash season 8 airs new episodes Wednesdays on The CW.

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