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The release of the new Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, now has an official release date of September 2, and the recent full trailer has audiences even more eager to see if it will live up to the hype. Many Tolkien fans are excited about any opportunity to return to Middle-earth, and a series with Amazon’s hefty budget is sure to dazzle and amaze.

Of course, several of the familiar characters from The Lord of the Rings won’t make an appearance since the new series is set several thousand years before the events of Fellowship of the Ring. However, there will be a host of new characters, both canon and original who will go through the trials and tribulations of war. This is, after all, the theme of Tolkien’s works: the characters go through hard times and come out the other end stronger. This was the case for Aragorn, Frodo, Legolas, and even Gandalf, who each went through a horrible ordeal that ultimately made them who they were as characters.


Merry – King Théoden’s Death

Merry Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings

While Merry and Théoden were never particularly close in the movies, the king from the books considered the little Hobbit like a son. The pair was so close that Merry was the one who held the old king as he passed away, not Éowyn.

This was a horrible moment for Merry. He had just been injured while helping Éowyn take down the Witch King and believed her to be dead. He then revealed himself to Théoden and said gentle words to him as he passed away. Merry did not know if he would ever see his friends again, and from that moment on, he was a changed Hobbit.

Pippin – Seeing Merry Near Death

Peregrin Took has some great quotes in LotR, and he was of great importance to the war. He fought with everything he had to save Faramir and Denethor. Unfortunately, he only succeeded with the former, and after the battle, it was unclear if the new Steward of Gondor would survive.

Then, to make matters worse, Merry’s unconscious body was brought into the House of Healing, and even Gandalf was not optimistic that he would survive. The arm he used to stab the Witch King was severely damaged with magic that no one understood. Pippin became so distressed that he wished to die alongside his friend, but thankfully Aragorn arrived with his skills in healing to save the day.

Legolas – Gandalf’s Death

Legolas looking sad in the Lord of the Rings

Every member of the Fellowship was shattered by Gandalf’s fall in Moria. They had seen the old wizard as their only hope of success, and without him, they felt powerless in the face of the enormous task that stood before them. However, Legolas was among the most heartbroken.

Gandalf the Grey was loved especially by Elves. In fact, Gandalf had come to Middle-earth specifically because of his love for them. One of Legolas’ most unmistakable character traits in LotR was his loyalty to the wizard he knew as Mithrandir, and his death was deeply devastating to him and all other Elves.

Gimli – Learning About The Fall Of Balin

The lord of the Rings the fellowship of the ring dwarves Gimli Mines of Moria

Gimli and his father Glóin had come to the Council of Elrond to seek help regarding the lack of contact from Moria, where Balin had gone to reestablish settlement. When it was agreed that Gimli would join the Fellowship, it was with the hopes that he might discover what had happened within the old mountain kingdom.

However, when the group passed through Moria, Gimli discovered that his cousin had been killed and that the attempted reclaiming of the mountain had failed. This was a bitter disappointment to the dwarf, who both loved Balin and had great pride in his people.

Boromir – Falling To The Ring

Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Boromir Holding Ring

While Boromir was quick to act and slower to think, he was still a good man. He cared greatly for the good of his people and held pride in the honor of his house. He was beloved by the kingdom and had traveled to Rivendell to desperately seek help.

For this reason, falling to the Ring’s temptation was a terrible fate for him. Boromir was a victor for the innocent, and being driven to the point of attacking an unarmed halfling was greatly against his character. Once he had realized what he had done, Boromir felt immense guilt, which spurred him to give his life to try to save the other Hobbits in a movie scene that always gives audiences chills.

Faramir – Denethor’s Disapproval

Though Faramir knew that his brother wasn’t perfect, there was no question that he loved Boromir. His death rattled the younger brother to his core, and the effect it had on his father, Denethor, was difficult for him to handle.

Denethor had not always been so bitter, but he did favor his older son, who was more like him than the bookish Faramir. After Boromir’s death, Denethor began to resent Faramir, and it was evident by the heartbreaking expression on Faramir’s face that his father’s words hurt him greatly. He rode out, knowing he would die but desperately hoping that it might make his father proud.

Sam – Frodo Getting Taken By Orcs

Sean Astin staring as Sam Gamgee Lord of the Rings

From the moment Sam set out with Frodo from the Shire, he was determined not to let his master out of sight. As their traveling continued, his love and determination only grew so that when they finally reached Mordor, there was no force, even Sauron himself, that could keep Sam from protecting the Ring bearer.

Therefore, Sam would have no greater regret than leaving behind what he believed to be Frodo’s lifeless body. It had been difficult enough for him, but he knew he had to carry out Frodo’s unfinished task. However, when he learned that Frodo wasn’t dead after all, his guilt became insurmountable. He used that devastation to fight his way to Frodo’s aid, and all would have been lost without him.

Aragorn – Watching His People Suffer

Aragorn Lord of the Rings Cover

In the movies, Aragorn was reluctant to take the throne, but he also felt that his people needed him. In the books, he was eager to prove himself and take his place as their leader. Regardless of which version of the character is being discussed, one thing is consistently accurate: Aragorn hated watching his people suffer.

As a wanderer, the heir to the throne had seen the effects of the growing conflict with Sauron and deeply lamented their pain. In the movie, this was what finally urged him to fulfill his destiny, and in the books, his experiences watching his innocent subjects die provided further motivation to prove himself worthy and take back his place as king.

Gandalf – Watching Frodo Play His Part

Gandalf talking to Pippin in The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King

Gandalf is a member of the Maiar race, angel-like beings who took part in the world’s creation. He spent much of his life in paradise in Valinor but was sent to Middle-earth along with Saruman and Radagast to assist with the conflict with Sauron (another Maiar).

Once Gandalf had come to Middle-earth, he observed the various races and found himself deeply intrigued by Hobbits. This made it all the harder when Frodo’s destiny in Lord of the Rings to save the Fellowship and the world became clear. Gandalf was meant to be an objective force, fighting for the greater good at any cost. But knowing that Frodo was essentially a sacrifice was deeply painful to the wizard.

Frodo – Inheriting the Ring

Frodo with the ring in The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King.

Frodo had been born into a home of peace and quiet, but from the time he was little, his destiny was already moving him in a different direction. His parents were killed in an accident, which resulted in him being raised by his uncle, who was none other than the famous adventuring Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.

This meant that Frodo would inherit the magical ring that Bilbo had found long ago and that it would be his responsibility to take it to Mordor. Ultimately, this task would require a deep sacrifice; Frodo would still have his life, but he would lose his spark. The Hobbit knew that this was his responsibility and that no one else could complete the task, but he still wished it could have fallen to someone else.

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