Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake Falls From A Plane In First Uncharted Clip


Tom Holland’s character, Nathan Drake, plummets out the back of a cargo plane in the first official clip for the upcoming Uncharted movie.

The first clip from the upcoming Uncharted film has debuted, showcasing the film’s death-defying cargo plane sequence. Uncharted is the long-anticipated adaptation of the popular Playstation video game franchise of the same name. The film stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg and will debut in theaters next month.

The Uncharted series is one of the flagship properties of the Sony PlayStation console. Centering on a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake, the series follows the wise-cracking hero as he embarks on perilous journeys to find priceless artifacts, while also battling deadly villains along the way. His persona is not unlike that of Tomb Raider hero Lara Croft, and like Croft, Drake will soon enter the big screen landscape with the upcoming release of Uncharted as Holland takes on the role of Nathan Drake and Wahlberg portrays Nate’s mentor, Sully.


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Now, with Holland set to debut as Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted adaptation, the marketing for the film has kicked into high gear. In fact, the first clip from the film has hit the web, showing off the mid-air fight sequence that has been a significant part of the marketing thus far. Check out the clip, courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment, below:

Though concrete plot details about Uncharted have been relatively sparse, this clip catches audiences up with Nate and Sully as they find themselves forced to think fast when cornered in the back of a cargo plane. This leads Nate to jettison the cargo and many of the bad guys – not to mention himself. Of course, fans familiar with the Uncharted franchise will quickly realize that the movie is pulling a sequence straight from the games. Specifically, the sequence of Nathan Drake being sucked out of the back of a plane and forced to try and survive miles above the Earth, is ripped from a similar level in Uncharted 3. Not only that, but the sequence is chock full of fan service – including multiple moments in which Holland’s Nate yells “oh crap,” which is a frequent catchphrase of the video game hero.

The potential success of Uncharted could have a massive impact on the blockbuster landscape as a whole. It could further solidify the viability of the video game adaptation – which has been ever-increasing with films like Tomb Raider, Detective Pikachu, and Mortal Kombat. Moreover, it could also provide Holland with a non-Marvel franchise and ultimately allow him to do more work outside of the world of the Spider-Man franchise, something he has arguably seen some difficulty managing in recent years. No matter what happens, audiences will finally get the long-awaited Uncharted adaptation when the film premieres in theaters on February 18.

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Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: Feb 11, 2022

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