Uber Apple Watch App Not Working? Here’s What’s Going On


Apple Watch users are no longer able to hail a cab using just their smartwatch after the company abruptly ends support for the watchOS application.

Uber is no longer letting users hail a cab through their Apple Watch. Booking an Uber through an iPhone or an Android device is super easy, but the San Fransisco-based cab aggregator also offered an option to hire cabs through the Apple Watch as well. However, that option is no longer available after Uber removed support for its Apple Watch app.

The Apple Watch is the highest-selling smartwatch in the world ahead of similar offerings from Samsung, Fossil, Mobvoi, and a whole host other smartwatch vendors. It supports a plethora of third-party apps and services as well, including many that are already available on the iPhone and the iPad. Uber was also part of that list up until recently, but that’s no longer the case.


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Uber has ended support for its Apple Watch app, leaving users unable to book cabs from their smartwatch. The company announced the decision in a message posted to its support pages, but without offering any detailed explanation. As reported by Apple Insider, users trying to book a cab through the Apple Watch app are already seeing a message that says the app is no longer available, and people should use the standard mobile app instead. The same message that’s now displayed on the company’s ‘Request a ride with Apple Watch‘ help page.

You Can Still Download Uber On The Apple Watch

Oddly enough, the Uber app is still available to download from the Apple Watch App Store, which shouldn’t really be the case considering the company has discontinued support for the app. Many users are furious at the turn of events and are vowing to use Lyft in the future. Their disillusionment is understandable, given how sudden the decision is, and without any real explanation on why the support was removed.

When the Uber app worked as advertised on the Apple Watch, it allowed users to hail a ride, see the status of their request, and even see the location of the vehicle, much like the mobile app. However, it didn’t offer all of the features available with the standard app, such as fare-splitting, which was only available on smartphones. While this appears to have been a sudden decision made by Uber, the company will hopefully release a more detailed statement at some stage to explain the rationale behind removing Apple Watch app support.

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Source: Uber, Apple Insider

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