Upton & Halstead Unite With New Member In Image


Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton unite with Intelligence’s latest recruit, Dante Torres, in a brand new image from the set of Chicago PD season 10.

A new Chicago PD season 10 image sees Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton spending some time with Intelligence’s newest recruit, Dante Torres. The Chicago-set police procedural had a nerve-wracking season 5 finale, with the end of the team’s attempt to bring down notorious crime boss Javier Escano and Los Temidos. Fresh from their big win, Hank Voight’s squad doesn’t have much time to celebrate and should be ready for more work on the horizon.

Luckily for them, Intelligence will be getting an expansion. When Chicago PD season 10 premieres in September, Voight will welcome a new member in Officer Dante Torres. Played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, the character first appeared as a guest star in season 9 as a recruit who has a complicated past. Despite his less-than-ideal background, he has proven that he is committed to joining the Force. He finally gets to do that as he becomes an official member of Voight’s carefully handpicked team.


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Taking to his official Instagram account, Jesse Lee Soffer is all smiles with Tracy Spiridakos on the set of Chicago PD season 10. They are joined by Aguilar and in the caption, the show veteran welcomes the procedural’s latest cast member with enthusiasm. See the adorable image below:

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Filming for the One Chicago shows has been going on for a while now. Before Soffer’s social media post, his co-star, LaRoyce Hawkins, shared a photo of the Intelligence members wearing their formal uniforms. It’s uncertain how this fits into Chicago PD season 10’s storytelling, since Voight’s team is usually in casual clothes, but one possible reason for this is the squad attending Torres’ graduation as a way to welcome him into the team. This marks the first time since Vanessa Rojas’ arrival (and eventual departure) that Intelligence is getting a new member. But one thing that separates Torres from previous recruits is that he’s a direct pick from the academy, which hasn’t been the case since Adam Ruzek in Chicago PD season 1.

It will be interesting to see how Torres’ arrival will change the dynamic in Intelligence, especially after Anna Avalos’ death, which could drive a wedge between Upton and Voight. Outside of that, this new image reveals that Torres will be shadowing Chicago PD‘s newlyweds and doesn’t seem like he’ll be getting a partner right away, as Rojas did. This would be interesting to see, considering the history between Halstead and Torres in season 9, but whatever happens on-screen, at least the actors seem really happy working together.

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Source: Jesse Lee Soffer/Instagram

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