Vanessa Kirby In Talks To Replace Jodie Comer In Ridley Scott’s Kitbag


Ridley Scott has his eyes on Vanessa Kirby to replace Jodie Comer in his upcoming historical drama, Kitbag, which stars Joaquin Phoenix.

Vanessa Kirby is currently in talks to replace actress Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, Kitbag. Kitbag is set to star Joaquin Phoenix as French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, as the film sets a heavy focus on the explosive relationship between Bonaparte and his wife, Josephine, as well as his military exploits. Comer was previously cast to portray the French leader’s significant other, but she has since announced that she would be stepping away from the role due to scheduling conflicts. 

As reported by Deadline, following Comer’s departure, Scott now has his eyes on Kirby to play the French Empress, Josephine, in Kitbag. According to reports, Kirby’s representatives are currently negotiating a deal for her to be a part of Scott’s historical drama film, which will start production this spring.


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Kirby is most known for her role on the first two seasons of Netflix’s The Crown, where she portrayed Princess Margaret, and more recently for her Oscar nominated depiction of Martha in Pieces of a Woman. Kirby is already on board to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming thriller film, Suddenly, as well as reprising her Mission Impossible role as The White Widow in the next two films in the Mission Impossible series. If Kirby takes on the role of Josephine Bonaparte, it will be her first appearance in a Ridley Scott movie. With Phoenix already on board, Kirby’s packed resume notes that she would make the perfect addition to Kitbag.

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Source: Deadline 

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