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Wagatha Christie trial live: Rebekah Vardy back in witness box today after she’s told ‘you do not respect other people’s privacy, do you?’ | UK News


We now move on to talk about Rebekah Vardy’s agent, Caroline Watt, who has been much discussed in stories about this case over the last few weeks.

Coleen Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne asks Vardy – who is giving evidence in the witness box – whether she would expect her agent to look at private information about other people on her behalf, and she says she would not.

The court is directed to read through key points of Instagram’s terms of use. In the list it says: “You may not copy, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any Content appearing on or through the Instagram Services.”

He says he understands Vardy would not have read the whole of the terms and conditions, but that she does understand “the spirit of them”. Vardy agrees.

We are shown an exchange between Vardy and Ms Watt, which Mr Sherborne calls “the photoshop girl exchange”. In the messages, which are about someone allegedly posting photoshopped images online which make her look “smaller” (ie thinner) than she is in real life. It’s not clear who this picture is of, and the image is not there to view, as images have been lost as part of the evidence.

In the message the question is asked by Vardy: “Can we not leak a story?”

Ms Watt replies: “Could only do it with pictures”, to which Vardy replies, “FFS”.

At this point Mr Sherborne asks for clarification about the acronym FFS.

He asks, “What does FFS stand for?”

Slightly bemused, Vardy checks she can say it in court, and the judge tells her she can, so she explains to him that it means: “For f**** sake”.

Mr Sherborne tells Vardy that “while you refuse to identify the identity of photoshop girl to me”, you had no issues sharing the story with thousands of people.

Vardy says: “I genuinely can’t remember who we were talking about in the discussion… I have very strong views on body image… I didn’t actually mean it to come across like that.” She says she went on to post photos of herself to show the dangers of photoshopping, and that was what she was talking about.

Vardy also says “I don’t have anything to hide.”

Mr Sherborne says it appears she doesn’t understand the word “leak”, which Vardy says is not the case.

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