Watch Pixar’s Lightyear Turned Into Playstation 1 Game In Cool Video


3D artist Hoolopee reimagines Pixar’s Toy Story spin-off Lightyear as a classic videogame for Sony’s Playstation 1 console in a short video.

3D artist Hoolopee reimagines Pixar’s Toy Story spin-off Lightyear as a classic videogame for Sony’s Playstation 1 console in a short video. Pixar’s latest production imagines the film that would inspire the highly desired toy that Toy Story‘s Andy would get in the original movie. Chris Evans takes on the role of the intergalactic Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear as he faces a deadly mechanical foe.

Diverting heavily from the Toy Story series’ typical formula, Lightyear follows Evans’ new take on Buzz Lightyear, building upon the information given about the lore surrounding Andy’s iconic action figure to create a space-faring epic. On a colony in a distant, unknown part of the universe, Buzz helps develop a highly experimental fuel that can advance space travel to new heights. However, when the experiment results in unforeseen circumstances and gains the attention of a mechanical emperor, Buzz must take a stand against this threat. Inspired by how audiences were impacted by films like Star Wars, Lightyear is framed as a film that Andy sees in the cinema that would see him become a fan of the character, but one artist has imagined how the character may look in a different form of visual storytelling.


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Shared on his personal Twitter account, Hoolopee imagined how Lightyear would look if rather than a film, the story was instead told in the form of a classic Playstation 1 video game, altering the visuals to give the appearance of an older video game. Using footage from the film’s 2021 teaser trailer, the artist has given Buzz’s launch into the atmosphere a blockier, pixelated aesthetic much like classic PS1 titles like Final Fantasy VII and the original 1996 Resident Evil. Check out Hoolopee’s brief but incredibly imaginative and creative reimagining of Lightyear below.

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Evans admitted that the role of Buzz Lightyear intimidated him when discussing taking on the now-iconic character who has become just as widely beloved by audiences across the globe. In an interview released in early June 2022, Evans revealed that he found stepping into the shoes of Tim Allen’s Space Ranger intimidating at first, with the actor feeling apprehensive about reciting Lightyear’s iconic “To Infinity and Beyond!” catch phrase. Despite this, Evans stated that the crew for the Pixar production helped guide him through the process, helping him create a character who is his own while remaining faithful and recognizable to the original.

Built around a goal to create a story beyond the confines of the franchise, Lightyear uses its unique framing device of Andy’s theater visit to try and create a story that can both enrich the original movies while standing as its own story. While the spin-off film has its own creative framing to capture new audiences—and older fans’ attention—Hoolopee takes it a step further to create an imaginative nod to classic gaming. With the Toy Story franchise also having its own tie-in PS1 video games released alongside the first two films, Hoolopee’s work may also attract longtime fans who grew up with games by imagining the latest installment as a classic game of their childhood.

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