Which Better Call Saul Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The early episodes of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul have already shown many main characters taking unexpected turns. Vince Gilligan has created incredible characters across Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and El Camino, and fans are always shocked in some way by their actions while also understanding them.

Better Call Saul has proven a perfectly fitting prequel to Breaking Bad, with some going so far as to say it has surpassed its parent show. It might not be a series where viewers want to relate to any of the characters but they often find themselves doing so. As an exploration of moral ambiguity, no one on this show is entirely innocent, but they are all incredibly human. A fan can discover which character they may most closely resemble through the zodiac.


Aries – Hector Salamanca

The great uncle of Tuco, Lalo, and the cousins is a man to be feared. Hector is passionate and courageous, and he doesn’t seem afraid of anything.

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Impatient and aggressive? That’s Hector; he’s all fire. An Aries will express what they’re thinking, without worrying about being rude. Hector could certainly be described that way.

Taurus – Mike Ehrmantraut

Of course, Mike is a great and reliable bull of a man. He sees life in a realistic way and from a grounded perspective.

Mike avoids drama but won’t change course just to make someone else happy – he’s stubborn and inexorable. He also works hard and can be trusted. Mike Ehrmantraut is everything a Taurus should be.

Gemini – Stacey Ehrmantraut

As a mother, Stacey is very affectionate. She is also nervous and inconsistent, although these traits likely came to the surface with the death of her husband.

She is serious because she has to be. Stacey is also curious, often demanding answers from the stoic Mike. Geminis feel their other half is missing, which is sadly all too true for Stacey.

Cancer – Lalo Salamanca

Cancers are described as sympathetic, loyal, and imaginative. While Lalo, a cold-blooded killer, isn’t exactly the picture of a sympathetic person, he does seem to be the most human of the Salamancas seen to date.

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They’re all violent, brutal, and unhinged, but Lalo is the first one to show sides of himself beyond that. He is imaginative, often working scenarios over in his mind and finding ways out of sticky situations. Lalo is also loyal, visiting Don Hector more than any of his cousins and showing him sympathy. He certainly doesn’t blend into the world around him – a classic Cancer trait.

Leo – Jimmy McGill

Better call Saul zodiac Jimmy McGill Cropped

The main man himself is definitely a Leo. Jimmy has some very clever cons in Better Call Saul, but is also warm, passionate and dynamic – which often devolves into arrogance. People often hear him before they see him, his charisma and welcoming vibrance clear from afar.

No one could deny that Jimmy dominates every task he puts his mind to, sometimes committing a little too much. Despite his bitterness towards a lot of people, Jimmy remains creative and warm-hearted. His good heart is chipped away at over the series as he shifts from affable Jimmy McGill towards the more sinister Saul Goodman.

Virgo – Kim Wexler

Better call Saul zodiac Kim Cropped

As one of the best characters on Better Call Saul, Kim is a definite Virgo. Loyal and hardworking, she loves to help others any way she can, including doing pro bono (free) legal work fulltime. Kim is highly practical and responsible, though this is often challenged in her relationship with Jimmy.

Kim can be very critical of herself and others and it’s tough for even Jimmy to make her relax. Virgos have excellent speech and writing, which Kim often displays, having the perfect retort to win a case or get out of a dangerous confrontation.

Libra – Huell Babineuax

Better call Saul zodiac Huell Babineaux Cropped

Although he’s a bodyguard, Huell isn’t violent. He’s more a peacemaker – a classic Libra trait. He knows more than he lets on, won’t be rushed, and is a little indecisive. In fact, he sucks as a bodyguard because his cautious nature makes him avoid conflict.

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Saul’s later quote at Huell’s ineptitude says it all: “What do I pay you for?

Scorpio – Chuck McGill

Better call Saul zodiac Chuck mcgill Cropped

Chuck McGill is a Scorpio. He hates dishonesty, genuinely believing the law is sacred and the greatest accomplishment of mankind. This is what naturally leads Chuck into constant conflict with his brother, Jimmy.

He’s passionate, brave, and always asserts himself. Scorpios take on life with a fierce tenacity, which Chuck certainly did, studying endlessly to become a great lawyer. This is why he hates Jimmy taking shortcuts to achieve success. It seems like Chuck always had to work hard while things came naturally to Jimmy.

Sagittarius – Tuco Salamanca

Tuco with a serious expression in Better Call Saul

Extroverted and dynamic? Just look at Tuco’s shirts. Tuco is impatient and explosive, never caring who he hurts or disrespects when expressing himself. He’s enthusiastic about his trade.

Ironically, those born under the Sagittarius sign love personal freedom, but Tuco is incarcerated for the better part of the series

Capricorn – Gustavo Fring

Better call Saul zodiac gus fring Cropped

Capricorns are disciplined and have a mastery of self-control. No one in Better Call Saul exemplifies these traits more than Gus Fring, as one of the biggest villains on the show. Audiences know that Gus has a brimming hatred under the surface, seeking vengeance against the cartel.

Capricorns, like Gus, are unforgiving. However, he masters the trade and remains in business with the cartel for decades before putting his carefully laid plans into motion. No one achieves their goals through careful planning better than Gustavo Fring.

Aquarius – Howard Hamlin

Howard Hamlin values integrity and honesty, perhaps more so than anyone else in the series. While his mentor, Chuck, also values honesty, Howard never seems to lie to himself or others.

A subversion of the slick lawyer, Howard seems more of a deep thinker, which could make him seem aloof. He does not express his emotions freely, often running rather than expressing himself openly.

Pisces – Nacho Varga

Nacho is more compassionate than the violent criminals around him, showing more mercy whenever he can than his hot-headed bosses. With an interesting personality, Nacho has delivered a number of best quotes in Better Call Saul.

He is highly intuitive, always aware of the situation he’s in, and figuring people out. The downsides of being a Pisces are a desire to escape reality and self-pity. Nacho does show off these traits from time to time, a spiritual successor to Jesse Pinkman.

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