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Which Character From The Hunger Games Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Hunger Games movies–and the book trilogy before them–took the world by storm when they were first released with many instantly associating with the struggles of the heroic Katniss Everdeen.

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All of the characters in the dystopian society of the books and movies have very distinct personality traits without being stereotypes. Those personality traits can help fans determine the zodiac signs as Hunger Games characters.

Updated on September 15th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: The Hunger Games represent a potentially tragic future for the world. Despite the bleak struggle for survival, the sheer determination of Katniss, the selflessness of Peeta, and the wisdom of Haymitch all provide bright spots for the audience. The characters don’t have the time for birthday celebrations or revealing their zodiac signs while they’re in the middle of planning a revolution, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t figure them out.

13 Aries: Gale Hawthorne

The Aries sign is known for being brave and independent, as well as being a natural leader, which makes them great protagonists in movies. People of this sign are assertive and hate to be restricted. That being said, they can also be selfish and impulsive.

Gale Hawthorne, Katniss Everdeen’s best friend (and almost-boyfriend), fits all of these zodiac traits perfectly. He doesn’t allow the strict rules of District 12 to box him in, taking hunting trips with Katniss, and even taking the blame for both of them breaking the rules. He’s also one of the first people to believe in Katniss as the face of the revolution, even if she doesn’t believe in herself, but he does avoid giving her all of the information, like knowing that her sister is involved in an effort that could get her killed.

12 Taurus: Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

The Taurus zodiac sign includes people who are determined, dependable, and down to earth. They are loyal and often averse to change. Katniss is nothing if not steadfast throughout The Hunger Games. Loyalty is the first thing on her mind.

Katniss demonstrates her traits of loyalty and compassion when she volunteers to take her sister’s place in the Games. She also refuses to let Peeta or Rue get hurt for her, though she isn’t able to stop either of those things from happening. Her resistance to change comes in the form of Katniss not wanting to be involved in the revolution at all. She just wants to live a quiet and unassuming life, but that’s impossible for her. Amongst the Hunger Games characters zodiac signs, Katniss is an easy fit for Taurus.

11 Gemini: President Alma Coin

Gemini people are intelligent, ambitious, and dynamic personalities. They often have many talents and like playing games. On the other hand, they are often considered to be two-faced and mischievous because of their ability to blend in with any social circle.

President Alma Coin definitely illustrates some of the negative aspects of the sign n her quest to not just bring revolution to Panem but to rule it herself. She’s very personable, and able to get many of the Games victors on her side, but has her own selfish designs for an endgame.

10 Cancer: Effie Trinket

Cancers are known to be the ones who forgive but never forget. They are friend-oriented and hate to argue, as well as being practical and nurturing people. That being said, Cancers can be quite sensitive and, on the flip side, even self-absorbed.

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Effie Trinket is incredibly emotional and she highlights the positives and negatives of that. Effie doesn’t initially empathize with Katniss and Peeta’s feelings about being chosen for the Hunger Games because she’s so focused on how the glitz and glamor of the Capitol make her feel, but she comes to understand them and truly feel for them and the others chosen. She knows her craft well and genuinely cares for the people around her.

9 Leo: Finnick Odair

Some of a Leo’s best qualities include generosity, confidence, creativity, and faithfulness. They are inspiring and often quite popular people. However, they can often be dominating, prideful, and overbearing.

Finnick Odair, who gradually becomes one of Katniss’s closest friends, is one of the easiest Hunger Games zodiac signs to determine; he’s definitely a Leo. He always acts confident and everyone loves him, but there are still some tragic things that lie beneath the surface. Despite always putting on a brave face and making others around him feel at ease, Finnick keeps a lot of his trauma to himself, something the audience sees when he and Katniss are able to hear the tortured cries of their loved ones in the Catching Fire arena.

8 Virgo: Cinna

Virgos are hailed as perfectionists who are kind and reliable. This sign often achieves success thanks to their creativity and cleverness. They can lead others, but they also like to please the people around them.

Cinna seems to be a flawless Virgo who doesn’t possess any of the negative sides associated with this sign. That being said, he does seem to be a little careless, which ultimately leads to his death. He has the meticulous planning of a Virgo down as he provides Katniss with flawless wardrobe statements for her time leading up to the Hunger Games. Cinna also, however, makes sure those statements are political in nature, and the Capitol punishes him for it.

7 Libra: Primrose Everdeen

Libras are friendly, fair, and irresistible. They often appear to be adventurous souls, but they can also be fearful and somewhat indecisive. This sometimes results in complicated love lives as they grow up.

Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’s younger sister, is a Libra who meets almost all of the requirements. The difference is that Prim is a much calmer person who doesn’t look for adventures and instead prefers to settle down and help her community. She does want to be like her sister at first though, and that leads to her learning more about medicine and joining the revolution as a medic instead of a fighter.

6 Scorpio: Johanna Mason

Scorpios are passionate and unpredictable. They are self-reliant and powerful. Because they have seen and learned a lot, they often appear to be very wise people. On the other hand, they can be dominant and secretive.

Johanna loves to complain about the things that nobody else even dares to speak of. She has lost everyone who has ever be important to her, so she doesn’t see the point in being careful anymore, which manifests in her aggressive behavior. Her anger causing her to lash out – or even strip in an elevator to get a reaction out of Katniss – seems unpredictable to those around her as well.

5 Ophiuchus: Cressida

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Cressida

In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Cressida becomes the leader of the media team surrounding Katniss and the story of the Mockingjay. An up-and-coming director before the revolution, Cressida is responsible for rallying the rebels in support of Katniss, but also of telling her story.

If Ophiuchus was a formally recognized astrological sign, it would be Cressida’s. It combines the aggressive determination of the Scorpio with the open mind of the Sagittarius. Those can both be seen in how Cressida pursues the truth and her mission even as all of her team die as the result of traps set by the Capitol. She is always willing to get Katniss, Peeta, and Gale to put a voice to their experiences to share their stories, not just the narrative Alma Coin wants to show.

4 Sagittarius: Rue

People with the Sagittarius sign are brave and open-minded achievers. They are straightforward and loving, but they can also be hot-headed and tactless. Rue tends to exemplify the former aspects of the sign rather than the latter. She also has the adventurous spirit and optimism of a Sagittarius.

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Rue is the first person that makes Katniss believe she doesn’t have to go through the Games alone. Rue, despite the tragic circumstances of the Games, genuinely trusts Katniss, is completely open with her, and manages to be a bright spot in a terrifying time.

3 Capricorn: President Coriolanus Snow

Capricorns are very ambitious and hardworking people who will not be content until they have reached the top. They are also straightforward and organized, as well as being loyal. On the other hand, Capricorns can be egotistical and stubborn.

President Coriolanus Snow is clearly an ambitious man, which is his defining trait in the franchise. He also asks Katniss to always tell the truth just as he will in order not to lose any time. At the same time, he primarily thinks of himself and his own power (even though the audience knows that he has a family that he seems to care about to an extent).

2 Aquarius: Peeta Mellark

Though the sign of Aquarius is known to be off the wall, people of this sign are actually some of the most accepting ones as they march their own path and encourage others to do the same. They are creative, inventive, and impersonal. They are also admired and love setting trends thanks to their innovative personality. But they can also be eccentric and somewhat distant.

Peeta Mellark knows how to find an approach to anyone and anything, and he clearly has a flair for artistry. He is constantly compared to Katniss and considered to be the more reasonable choice for the symbol of the revolution.

1 Pisces: Haymitch Abernathy

People with the Pisces sign are known to be sympathetic and emotional as well as being free, sensual, and alluring. On the other hand, they can be melancholic, sensitive, and unable to function on their own.

Haymitch is quite independent in this sense, but he does rely on alcohol to avoid his pain when Katniss first meets him. He has a pessimistic point of view, but he still believes in the revolution and cares about the people closest to him. Ultimately, Haymitch is a dreamer faced with a bleak reality. He becomes involved in the revolution to change that.

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