Which The Walking Dead Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


AMC’s The Walking Dead has a broad cast of complex and captivating characters. There are heroes who have done villainous things, and villains who have had their moments of heroics. There are leadership styles from Negan’s fierce demand of loyalty and harsh punishments, to the gracious ways of King Ezekiel and The Kingdom.

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Each character survives every day by making choices based on their unique personalities and the pasts that have shaped their futures in a dystopian, zombie-infested world. Take a look at each of the characters from The Walking Dead, and explore who matches with the distinctive traits of each sign of the zodiac.


Updated on January 9th, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: So many characters have come and gone from The Walking Dead, it’s almost hard to keep track at this point. However, the show is masterful at developing complex and interesting personalities, so there are great representations of different sides of some zodiac signs within the series.

Aries: Daryl Dixon

Daryl in The Walking Dead season 11

Those in the sign of Aries are bold personalities, led by their emotions. Courageous and determined individuals, they are also natural leaders but tend to be moody and aggressive when they don’t get to have their say.

He may be short-tempered and brooding, but Daryl Dixon bravely and ferociously fights for his friends, even if it puts him at risk. Highly motivated when given a task or goal, Daryl might not lead outright, but he stays close to the leaders.

Aries: Alpha

Alpha glares menacingly in the forest in The Walking Dead

Daryl obviously represents the best that Aries has to offer, but Alpha largely represents the worst. Aries has a very naturally charismatic and compelling personality, and they tend to be quite commanding, so they are literally “alphas”.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries can be trailblazers, so oftentimes they come up with ideas that no one else does, or at least that no one else is willing to do, and they can be very intimidating when they want to be.

Taurus: Maggie Rhee

Walking Dead Maggie Rhee Lauren Cohan Hunted

A textbook Taurus, Maggie is reliable, patient, and as devoted and loyal as they come. Even in her most vulnerable moments, she remains fairly even-keeled, more often than not excelling as a leader at Hilltop.

Stubborn to a fault and possessive of those that she loves, Maggie can be a bit dominant when she feels strongly about something, but it comes from a good place. She simply will not compromise when it comes to the well-being of her friends and family.

Gemini: Negan

Could Negan be a good guy on The Walking Dead season 10

Gemini are social butterflies, and true to his sign, Negan is nothing if not a boisterous extrovert. Curious and highly adaptable to the world of the apocalypse, Negan is intelligent and genuinely enjoys learning.

Two-faced, sarcastic, and materialistic, he also embodies the weaknesses of a typical Gemini. Flighty in times of stress, and needing excitement in their love life, it makes all too much sense that Negan once cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, Lucille. But, his dark side and conflicting better nature perfectly represent the duality of the twins.

Gemini: Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes in Walking Dead

It comes as no surprise that Negan and Carl developed a strange kindred spirit relationship, as they both exhibit the qualities of a Gemini.

Interestingly, they are sort of opposing sides of the same coin as well. Both have tapped into their dark sides which can be taken to an extreme, however, Negan really leaned into that aspect of himself whereas Carl chose to follow his better instincts. But they seemingly recognized their shared similarities and both encouraged each other to embrace their own point of view.

Cancer: Carol Peletier


Tenacious, imaginative, and very persuasive, Carol is a Cancer through and through. A true survivor, she can be suspicious of others until she gets to know them.

Carol is a skilled manipulator when it comes to her safety and goals, and she excels at playing both sides when she needs to (such as when she freed Negan to infiltrate the Whisperers). Nurturing and compassionate, Carol is also a natural mother, despite it repeatedly ending in tragedy.

Leo: Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes aiming his revolver in The Walking Dead

Like the Lion he is, Rick Grimes is stubborn, passionate, and courageous. Dominant and eager to see others succeed, Rick is a born leader, but his strong emotions can cause him to make the wrong decisions, and those wrong decisions bring out some of his worst traits — arrogance, self-centeredness, and inflexibility.

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It isn’t Rick’s most shining moment when he declares the end of democracy, or when he has a full blown breakdown on the people of Alexandria, but it is pretty Leo of him.

Virgo: Father Gabriel Stokes

Virgos are hardworking and practical, and they prefer stability and loyalty to outright excitement. Often hyper-critical of themselves and chronic worriers, Virgos beat themselves up over any hint of failure.

Gabriel makes himself sick over his own cowardice in locking the doors of the church on his congregation and lives every day attempting to atone for that sin. It’s completely understandable and justifiable, even though he only did it to save his own life.

Libra: King Ezekiel

King Ezekiel From The Walking Dead

King Ezekiel fully embodies what it is to be a Libra with his kind, fair, and diplomatic style of leadership. Incredible as partners, Libras are like something out of a Hollywood romance. Equally as sweet in private as he is in public, Ezekiel is deeply romantic and caring with Carol, and admires her dry wit and sarcasm.

Represented by the scales, Libras seek balance more than anything else, just as Ezekiel initially did with the Saviors. However, they are also extremely invested in fairness and will take a stand if they can’t find an agreeable solution to a particular problem.

Libra: Glenn Rhee

steven yeun as glenn rhee playing guitar on twd

Another beloved Walking Dead character who perfectly represents the Libra sign is Glenn Rhee. Like a classic Libra, Glenn is a bit of a softie at heart, but he’s also great at bringing people together and getting them to communicate and understand each other more.

And much like the scales of justice, Librans have a great sense of right and wrong and are naturally benevolent. They’re exactly the kind of people who would help out some idiot stranger stuck in a tank surrounded by zombies.

Scorpio: Shane

Like Shane, Scorpios are brave, resourceful, and easily able to take care of themselves in the darkest situations. Also deeply intimate and passionate when it comes to romance, Shane quickly forms a strong physical and emotional bond with Lori which is painfully shaken when Rick returns.

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Scorpios also have a tendency to be mysterious and secretive, and they can be quite vengeful against those that they believe have wronged them, much like Shane.

Sagittarius: Abraham Ford

Walking Dead - Michael-Cudlitz as Abraham Ford

Known for their sense of humor, Sagittarians will say anything that pops into their head, no matter how undiplomatic. Abraham doesn’t have a filter, and it doesn’t embarrass him one bit. Sags also know how to have fun in any situation, much like Abraham seems to enjoy slaughtering walkers.

Despite their questionable and sometimes overly forthright comments, Sagittarius is the most loyal friend a person could have and will go to bat any day for their buddies (as Abraham sadly did, literally).

Sagittarius: Judith Grimes

Cailey Fleming as Judith in The Walking Dead

Another iconic Sagittarius in the TWD world is Judith Grimes. The archers of the zodiac are very brave and bold, and although they can follow others, they are also unafraid to take the lead if they feel it’s necessary.

Sagittarians are also eternal optimists, so much like Judith, if they ran into a group of strangers lost in the zombie apocalypse, they would offer them help and assume the best of them rather than taking the safe route and potentially letting them die.

Capricorn: Michonne

Michonne in The Walking Dead Season 10

Responsible and disciplined, Capricorns are smart, capable managers when put in charge of a group, but tend to expect the worst. Michonne leads Alexandria with strength and stability, but when Judith brings in newcomers who need a place to live, Michonne wants to send them away.

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Often seen as a little too strict, Capricorns are simply focused and determined. They can be playful and relaxed with their partners and those close to them, but come off as overly serious to others.

Capricorn: Beta

Walking Dead Reveals Beta Real Identity

As Michonne has demonstrated, the diligent, pragmatic, and cautious nature of the Capricorn can have its downsides. And Beta takes those downsides to the greatest extreme possible.

The sea goat zodiac sign is very loyal and traditional, and they are reluctant to embrace change or trust those that they don’t know well. If they were drawn into a relationship with someone like Alpha, then they would absolutely stick to her ideals even after she was gone, just like Beta did.

Aquarius: Eugene

Eugene in a science lab in The Walking Dead

Eugene was made to be an Aquarius. Eccentric, creative, and kind of awkward, those that fall under this air sign are visionaries but struggle with expressing emotions.

Eugene appears aloof and uncompromising when really, he’s just very sure that he is right — and he probably is. A bit of a loner with an analytical mind, Eugene is not much of a zombie killer. He is happiest when he is tinkering and using his brain for the greater good.

Pisces: Beth Greene

Beth in The Walking Dead

Few characters in The Walking Dead could come close to the sweetness and natural compassion of Beth Greene. A classic Pisces, Beth is gentle and empathetic, but melancholy — something she either expresses or ignores with her love for singing.

She struggles with the world that they live in and tries to escape it in her own ways, and although she’s ill-suited to the zombie apocalypse, she leaves a huge impact on everyone she creates a connection with.

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