Why Cassidy Might Become A ‘Villain’ On Clayton’s Season


The Bachelor season 26 star Cassidy Timbrooks is adding controversy to Clayton Echard’s season by seemingly treating contestants “disrespectfully.”

Cassidy Timbrooks, a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, has been labeled by certain fans as the newest “villain” of Bachelor Nation after recent season 26 clips were shared online. All things considered, Clayton’s season seems to be filled with plenty of drama, particularly from Clayton’s love interests on The Bachelor. With a series of dull seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in recent times, Clayton’s season has the potential to draw in audiences with plenty of chaotic storylines amongst the women cast on season 26.

Clayton has been called “boring” by many viewers, but Cassidy and a handful of other girls on the series have seemingly dedicated themselves to drawing attention from viewers and social media users. From controversial entrances to devising villainous plans, Clayton’s season has started off with drama earlier than ever before. Emphasized in the promotional material for The Bachelor, many of the women have already tried to claim territory, cause arguments, and divide the women as they each try to win Clayton’s heart.


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The official Twitter account for The Bachelor shared a new video (seen below) teasing some tension with one of the most talked-about contestants, Cassidy. As Clayton is shown being taken away from the other girls in a heated makeout session by the pool, the promotional video emphasizes the anger that appears to be targeted at Cassidy. She also seems to have a rather selfish point of view on the show, proclaiming that she “doesn’t care if the girls are miffed” by her actions. As a result, Cassidy has the potential to become the “villain” of the season. In the preview, the other contestants expressed how “annoyed” they are with Cassidy and that they believe her actions to be “disrespectful” to this process. With heightened tensions, Cassidy begins season 26 with plenty of enemies and a flippant attitude about Clayton’s other relationships.

Even though The Bachelor is known for showcasing catty behavior from its contestants, Cassidy is apparently quite transparent about her seemingly selfish intentions. With negative opinions of Clayton and Cassidy, The Bachelor season 26 has already received negative publicity very quickly. Clayton, who’s deemed oblivious by fans, has gotten himself caught in another tricky situation as he appears to give Cassidy screen time and might allow her to treat the other girls in the house poorly. Cassidy may believe that she is a frontrunner on the show, but only time will tell if Clayton will find a true connection with her.

Returning for more dates, drama, and debatable intentions, The Bachelor season 26 is moving forward with Clayton’s search for love despite dissatisfaction from fans. Without anything fresh or innovative about the season, fans might be witnessing yet another female “villain” of the series – something that is familiar to fans who watch every season of the show. With the support of Michelle Young, Clayton has what it takes to lead this season. His overall conduct will determine how Bachelor Nation remembers this Bachelor lead.

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The Bachelor season 26 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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