Why Genshin Impact Is Worse on PlayStation


Genshin Impact on PlayStation has one particular issue that other versions don’t – its Battle Pass rewards can’t be redeemed on other platforms.

Genshin Impact‘s 2.4 update removed cross-save support for Battle Pass purchases made through PlayStation. This is a blow to PlayStation players, as cross-save support for Genshin Impact on PlayStation was only implemented in July 2021 as part of the game’s 2.0 update. For Genshin Impact players, this means that they can no longer claim Battle Pass rewards on other platforms, like PC and mobile, if the Battle Pass was purchased through PlayStation Network. Cross-save functionality is still available to mobile and PC players, making this a uniquely PlayStation issue.

Players who attempt to claim rewards on a platform other than PlayStation are currently seeing an “Unable to collect using the current platform. Please use the platform on which you made the purchase.” error message. While some players initially thought this was a bug, it appears to be an intentional change as part of Sony actively blocking crossplay with other platforms. Despite criticism, Sony continues to actively encourage players to play exclusively on PlayStation by limiting cross-play and cross-save functionality.


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Sony has already received backlash for the change online, after being called out by Fanbyte editor Imran Khan on Twitter. In a series of tweets that gained traction within the Genshin Impact community, Khan references the “small and inconsequential war Sony keeps fighting on crossplay.” Sony has been criticized in the past for being anti-consumer for limiting crossplay on PlayStation. What’s strange in the case of Genshin Impact is that PlayStation cross-save was implemented but later removed. Khan pointed out that the change made little sense from a financial perspective as players are still purchasing the Battle Pass through PlayStation Network. Claiming rewards from an already purchased Battle Pass doesn’t entail further transactions, so this is a strange restriction for Sony to impose on players.

Sony Limits Genshin Impact’s PlayStation Crossplay

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Genshin Impact isn’t the first game to be hit with PlayStation crossplay restrictions. Sony was previously embroiled in an ongoing battle with Fortnite, after blocking crossplay between platforms. Sony conceded in 2018, adding PlayStation crossplay support for Fortnite after an ugly public row. Game developers responded with mixed feelings, some praising the inclusion of crossplay for Fortnite on PlayStation, whereas others were hesitant or critical of the change. After Genshin Impact’s huge success, it’s surprising that Sony would limit cross-play progression for Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass mere months after implementing the crossplay function.

Given the criticism of Sony’s attempts to limit players to only playing on PlayStation, despite making concessions for other successful games like Fortnite, crossplay may be reinstated for Genshin Impact in the near future. The alternative could see Genshin Impact removing its support for PlayStation, or Genshin Impact being pulled from the PlayStation Store altogether until a compromise is reached. Sony limiting players from using PlayStation with other platforms, like PlayStation’s upcoming PSVR 2 headset being exclusively compatible with PlayStation 5, may push players away from PlayStation, having the opposite effect to Sony’s intended goal.

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