Why Janelle Is ‘So Excited’ For More Grandchildren


Janelle Brown of Sister Wives recently shared she was excited to be a grandmother for the third time and can’t wait to meet the newest edition.

Over the weekend, Janelle Brown of Sister Wives received some exciting news from her daughter, Maddie Brown, after revealing she was pregnant and is excited to be a grandmother again. The wife of Kody Brown couldn’t be happier with the news as she loves being a grandmother. Janelle is now excitedly getting ready for the newest arrival.

TLC viewers first met Janelle as the second of Kody’s four wives. The couple met while she was married to Meri Brown’s brother, and they couldn’t fight the love between them. After tieing the knot in a spiritual union, the couple seemed to be the most stable of all Kody’s partnerships. Janelle worked very hard in the earlier years as she always brought in a paycheck for the family unit. She also had a knack for numbers which served the large polygamous family well. Since the recent Sister Wives season ended, Janelle had raised a few eyebrows leading fans to wonder if she still was married to Kody.


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Over the weekend, Janelle took to her Instagram Stories to share that she was “so excited” to become a grandmother again for the third time. Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, had posted a photo of Axel and Evie wearing big brother and big sister t-shirts smiling from ear to ear. Janelle, who is always overlooked, couldn’t help herself as she chose to repost the announcement. The Sister Wives star will soon be a grandmother of three, and it looks like she will spoil the new baby just as much as the first two. Janelle often makes trips to North Carolina to help out her daughter, so it makes sense that she may be preparing to head back down for the birth.

Janelle Brown in Sister Wives

Janelle was not the only Brown to announce exciting news as Christine Brown shared that her daughter, Mykelti, was expecting twins with her husband, Tony Padron. The couple announced their good news a few weeks back. Now it looks like Janelle and Christine will be able to swap grandmothering stories since both of their daughters are due around the same time.

Kody has yet to comment on his daughter’s third addition. But last year, Sister Wives fans learned that Kody had yet to visit Maddie or her children in North Carolina. Viewers feel he has been sticking close to his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn Brown, while ignoring some of his older offspring. Even if Kody is an absent grandfather, it looks like Janelle will make up for it.

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