Why RHOA Fans Are Shaming Todd’s Parenting Of Kaela


On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Todd Tucker is facing backlash over his tough love approach to parenting his daughter, Kaela Tucker.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Todd Tucker proudly shows off his “tough love” approach with his daughter Kaela Tucker, but most fans don’t support it. Season fourteen followed Kandi Burruss and Todd’s eldest daughters from previous relationships, as the young women lived on their own for the first time, in the Big Apple. Despite being stepsisters, Kaela and Riley Burruss had very different upbringings. Riley grew up as the only child of a celebrity, while Kaela had humbler beginnings with Todd’s ex in NYC.

Kaela was first introduced during The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 11. At the time, Todd admitted that he didn’t meet Kaela until she was older. Kandi and Todd faced challenges while trying to create a blended family. After tying the knot in 2014, Kandi and Todd welcomed their son Ace Wells Tucker in 2016. Their daughter Blaze arrived via surrogate in 2019. During a couples therapy session in season 12, Kandi complained about Todd being a stern parent to Kaela. At the time, Kandi wanted to let Kaela plan her birthday activities. However, the stricter parent Todd didn’t want to give her so much freedom.


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Now, season 14 shows Todd continuing to expect a lot of independence from Kaela, while Riley enjoys the luxury of having a rich mom. After viewers watched the latest Tucker family meeting, many took to social media to blast Todd for being so hard on Kaela, despite the financial abundance that the family currently enjoys. “So, Riley and the two younger kids can live a suitable, wealthy life. Kaela has to work and earn it. #RHOA Todd is awful,” viewer Social Monet quipped. Many others agreed, and noted how Todd often expresses opposition to Kandi providing financial support to her family. Some fans even believe that Kandi gives Kaela money behind Todd’s back.

Viewers on the same Reddit thread think that the show “ illustrates the difference on how Kaela is treated,” compared to her siblings. Todd boasts how Kaela works hard and pays all of her bills on her own. As a 26-year-old, that’s expected. However, fans still think that Todd might be too hard on his daughter, in light of all of the money that he and his wife have. “He would leave her the condo. But wouldn’t fix it up now to let her live in it,” one fan said, noting how “telling” the scene was. Todd has said he will pass his New Jersey condo down to his daughter. However, the apartment is dated and could use some renovation. Perhaps Todd plans to leave that responsibility to his daughter.

The show’s fans are turned off by Todd’s parenting of Kaela. The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers think that Todd’s eldest daughter is treated differently from the kids he shares with Kandi. He did a great job of raising Kaela to be an independent woman who can take care of herself. However, even Kandi and Riley are calling him out for being a strict parent who is tight with money, despite seemingly having plenty of cash.

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