Why Summer House’s Danielle Gets Accused of Enabling Lindsay


Danielle Olivera’s extreme defensiveness over Lindsay Hubbard has Summer House fans convinced that she’s only enabling her best friend.

Danielle Olivera’s extreme defensiveness over Lindsay Hubbard has convinced Summer House fans that she’s only enabling her best friend. Danielle was placed at the center of the season 6 drama after interjecting herself into Lindsay’s feud with Ciara Miller. It resulted in Danielle getting a glass of red wine thrown in her face and strained her relationship with the other ladies in the house. But viewers think Danielle’s loyalty to Lindsay is getting her into more trouble than she can handle.

Lindsay and Ciara went at it in Summer House season 6 over their mutual crush on Southern Charm star Austen Kroll. After the Winter House love triangle spilled over into The Hamptons summer house, Lindsay and Ciara both wanted to stake claim over the fellow Bravolebrity. Austen played the game to his benefit and toyed with Lindsay and Ciara. However, Ciara took the failed fling harder than Lindsay and was upset over feeling played. While Lindsay has shown her ability to hold her own when engaged in a showdown, her best friend Danielle never shies away from jumping into Lindsay’s quarrels to defend her bestie.


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After watching how defensive Danielle was over Lindsay at the Summer House season 6 reunion, Reddit user u/willaundecided shared their “unpopular opinion,” accusing Lindsay of being “self-centered” and Danielle an “enabler.” The viewer sees Danielle serving more of a “friend of” role on the show due to her constantly involving herself in the drama brought on by Lindsay’s behavior. The Redditor noted Lindsay’s history on Summer House, and believes the OG has “consistently badgered friends” without offering up sincere apologies. After referencing Lindsay’s demanding behavior towards her past boyfriends, who appeared on the show, the viewer thinks she “tries SO hard to be ‘chill’ but she is literally the least chill person ever.”

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One Reddit user shared their “disappoint” in Danielle’s response to Lindsay shouting at the guy Ahmed who she had just met at a bar the same night she wanted him to spend more time with her. The viewer believes Danielle watched the awkward encounter and “acted like Lindsay’s behavior with Ahmed was just Lindsay being herself and the right guy will accept that.” However, considering how confrontational Lindsay has shown she can be towards her love interests, the viewer was expecting Danielle to speak up and tell Lindsay about herself. “It’s odd to me that Danielle would lead Lindsay to believe her behavior was ok in that instance,” they said.

Season 6 saw Danielle show off her boyfriend Robert Sieber and share another side of herself. Summer House fans enjoyed watching Danielle partake in the relationships this season. Nonetheless, viewers would rather watch Danielle focus on her own happiness rather than bring herself into fights with the women over Lindsay’s antics. If Danielle is paying attention to what the fans are saying, viewers might see her hold Lindsay more accountable next season.

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Source: u/willaundecided/Reddit

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