Why The Browns Undervalue Christine’s Mothering Skills


Christine Brown served as the stay-at-home mom for the Brown family. Fans don’t think Kody appreciates Christine’s parenting accomplishment.

Fans agree that Kody Brown has set a low bar for parenting in Sister Wives, but the Brown clan’s kids experienced quality upbringings thanks to Christine’s undervalued work as a stay-at-home mom. Kody’s been slammed as an absent father for most of his 18 children, and although Christine’s dedicated herself to being the mother for all of the polygamous family’s kids, she hasn’t received all of the credit viewers feel she deserves. From Kody dismissively claiming she doesn’t care about rules to the patriarch being jealous of the children’s bond with her, here’s why Sister Wives fans think Kody and his spouses don’t recognize Christine’s parenting skills.


Just as Kody has strained relationships with his first three sister wives, the reality star has struggled to connect with most of his children. Throughout the Brown family’s time in Sister Wives, Kody has demonstrated that he can be a careless and irresponsible father. In season 1, Kody was late to the hospital when Christine was in labor with their daughter, Truely, because he was spending romantic time with Robyn. Throughout the pandemic, Kody’s been criticized for being an irresponsible father because he’s spending almost all of his time with Robyn’s children. Despite his parental shortcomings, Kody’s found the time to take a dig at Christine’s mothering style.

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Christine served as the homemaker for the Brown family as she single-handedly raised more than a dozen of Kody’s children, but fans think the patriarch and his other wives fail to recognize Christine’s accomplishment. Unfortunately, working as a parent is a full-time job that has historically been looked down upon. It’s no easy feat raising a monogamous family, making Christine’s ability to raise over a dozen children miraculous. Recently, however, Kody highlighted just how little he values Christine’s parental skills when he made a dig at his sister wife’s relationships with the Brown children. A Reddit user pointed out that in a recent Sister Wives season 16 episode in which Brown children expressed their desire to spend the holidays with Christine, Kody asserted, “[The kids] only like Christine because she doesn’t enforce rules.” Instead of acknowledging her invaluable contributions, Kody dismissed Christine’s loving relationship with his children.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown in Sister Wives

Christine’s known for being the least reactive Sister Wives star, but fans think the TV personality should’ve demanded more respect from her polygamous spouses for the integral role she played in raising all of the Brown children. A fan shared, “I don’t think any of the wives or Kody fully appreciate how hard Christine worked for their family… It seems like everyone else was thankless.” Viewers think Kody would rather take jabs at Christine than be grateful for the work she put into creating a family out of envy. Another commenter theorized, “This guy is so freaking jealous of his wife and the bond she has with the kids.” Kody did a disservice to Christine by claiming that his children only like her because she’s more lenient with his COVID-19 rules. A viewer retorted, “[The kids] like Christine because she’s more of a dad than he is.”

Christine was there for the gaggle of Brown kids during their childhoods, but Kody doesn’t seem to respect his wife for parenting his children. From never appreciating the effort Christine put into parenting to being jealous of her relationships with his kids, fans think Kody has an aversion to giving Christine props for doing a good job as a mother. Hopefully, Kody can learn something from the parenting skills Christine demonstrated in Sister Wives.

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