Young Sheldon: The Best Friendships, Ranked


With five seasons under its belt, Sheldon firmly off to college, turmoil brewing in George and Mary’s marriage, and a baby on the way for Georgie, there’s a lot going on in Young Sheldon. The prequel series about the early life of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, the show has become a smash hit, already renewed through to a seventh season.

While Young Sheldon centers around Sheldon, other supporting characters, including family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even foes, play a large part in what makes it hilarious, clever, and heartwarming.


10 George And Brenda

Brenda and George from Yung Sheldon standing together.

While fans aren’t too pleased with George and Brenda’s flirtations, it appears up until the end of the fifth season that they did not act on them. Nonetheless, despite them coming close to being more than just friends, as friends, they are two peas in a pod.

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Brenda is like “one of the guys” who loves to frequent the local bar, drink beer, and speak crassly. She is like a female George, which is precisely why they get along so well. Should they remain purely platonic, their friendship is one that could last.

9 Mary And Pastor Jeff

Mary and Pastor Jeff from Young Sheldon holding hands and praying together with their eyes closed at the dinner table.

Despite Pastor Jeff turning his back on Mary when he discovered that Georgie was having a child out of wedlock – one of the things fans didn’t see coming in Young Sheldon – up until that point, he and Mary were more than just co-workers. They were close friends and confidants.

It was Mary who took Pastor Jeff in after his first wife left him, then later helped him find a great house to move into across the street with his new wife and baby. Meanwhile, Pastor Jeff was always there for Mary to provide guidance when she felt like she lost her way or was questioning her faith.

8 Mary And Pastor Rob

Pastor Rob and Mary sharing a cigarette outside, laughing together on Young Sheldon.

Like George and Brenda, Mary and Pastor Jeff share a relationship that might be closer than it should be. While Mary clearly feels attracted to him given the racy dreams she had about being in bed with him, she is the type of person who would always let her faith guide her and would never step out on her marriage.

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Their candid conversations shared sitting on a curb outside, at the church, or even in Mary’s home, proved that they think on the same wavelength. If Mary were single, they would make a great couple. But as friends, as long as they stay within boundaries, they make great ones.

7 George And Coach Wilkins

Coach Wilkins sitting at his desk, George standing on the other side in their office on Young Sheldon.

George and Coach Wilkins have worked together side by side for many years. While their relationship was strained when George was fired and Coach Wilkins took his job, even though he openly advised George that the school might be letting him go and that he was interested in taking them up on the offer for the position, they were one another’s sounding boards.

Coach Wilkins seemingly had a picture-perfect marriage, never having a bad word to say about his wife. Meanwhile, George spent their nights at the bar complaining about his life. Nonetheless, Coach Wilkins was always there to lend an ear, whether it was at the bar or in the office at school, and to help George learn how to improve his marriage.

6 Sheldon And Paige

Paige and Sheldon from Young Sheldon looking at one another as they walk down a hallway.

Sheldon wasn’t really one to have friends, but he found something in Paige that he could not find in anyone else: someone the same age as him with the same level of intellect who also had trouble relating to her peers. While they were only close for a period of time, acting more like rivals than friends, Sheldon is the person Paige turned to when she was at her lowest point in university.

Even if Sheldon doesn’t realize it, Paige is one of the best friends he might have ever had as a child. While there’s a chance for them to get closer, even as rivals, they help push one another to be better.

5 Sheldon And Tam

Sheldon and Yam sitting on Sheldon's bed in Young Sheldon, talking.

If it weren’t for Tam, Sheldon might not have made it through high school. They were both outcasts for different reasons. Even though Tam was older, he was the only person at the school who truly understood Sheldon.

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Mary was delighted when Sheldon said he had a friend from school to invite over. They shared lunch together in the library, talked of science and other topics, and were there for one another during a critical coming-of-age time in their lives.

4 Georgie And Missy

A younger Georgie and Missy from Young Sheldon sitting on the couch looking at a book together.

While Georgie and Sheldon weren’t very close, as they were both very different from one another, Georgie seemed to have a special relationship with his little sister. He always looked out for her, and when she knew he was upset or in trouble, she made sure to be there even if just to let him know she was rooting for him.

Whether they remained close later in life or not is unknown. As kids, Georgie and Missy were a lot alike in some ways, which brought them together at times when they needed one another most.

3 Sheldon And Missy

Missy hugging Sheldon in a scene from Young Sheldon.

Sheldon and Missy fight like siblings do, but when the chips are down, they are always there for one another. Missy takes every opportunity to insult Sheldon, but if she sees that he is truly hurting, she will be the first to provide some sage advice or simply give him a hug. Fans believe that the reason Sheldon was so drawn to Penny, in fact, was that she reminded him of Missy.

Meanwhile, Sheldon might not have the best tactics, but he has helped Missy when she needed it, whether it was providing practical advice, aiding with homework, or just being himself to make her laugh and forget about other problems. They have a twin connection that bonds them for life.

2 Connie And June

Connie and June laughing together in a scene from Young Sheldon.

It requires a deep admiration for one another to spark a friendship with your boyfriend’s ex-wife, and this is precisely what happened with Connie and June. Despite the awkwardness of the situation with Meemaw dating Dale – one of many beaus in Meemaw’s relationship timeline on Young Sheldon – they found something special in one another that was too good to pass up.

From their impromptu ladies’ nights in Vegas to dinners out, hair appointments, and hanging around together at home, they are the best of friends despite conventions suggesting that they should be enemies.

1 Dr. John Sturgis And Sheldon

Dr. Sturgis from Young Sheldon looking forward, Sheldon looking up at him and smiling.

Sheldon found the unlikeliest of friends in Dr. Sturgis, one of the best characters introduced late in Young Sheldon. He was not only Sheldon’s professor but also came to be Meemaw’s boyfriend. He spent time with the Cooper family, helped care for Sheldon when he was away at school, and opened Sheldon’s mind to new scientific possibilities.

It crushed Sheldon when he learned about Dr. Sturgis’ illness, when he and Meemaw broke up, and when Dr. Sturgis decided to leave the science field altogether. Nonetheless, he was like a father figure and mentor to Sheldon who could possibly have had even more of an impact on his life following the passing of George, which could be tackled in a future season.

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